Friday, August 29, 2008


McCain's old. He won't see the end of his term.

Will the President be a woman after all, as John Titor hinted?

Russia is already paranoid about McCain in office ... it won't help if the Vice President's last name is "wormwood" in Russian, otherwise "chernobyl" according to two of my Russian dictionaries.

I have a tentative connection with this woman through relatives who live in Alaska. She looks a great deal like one of my aunts.

At least he didn't choose Joe Lieberman as his running mate. That'd be practically like having the Knesset govern the 'Kwa directly.

Did I mention I have a sickly feeling in my stomach nowadays whenever I see any 'Kwans on television at all in any situation? I am trying to remember everything so I can relate the history of the end of this country to my grandchildren. I just have this instinctive sense we are coming up on the apocalyptic, mindshattering conclusion to all of this soon. Itz most certainly coming.


Anonymous said...

I swear, the first thing I thought of when I saw the McCain rally/intro was Titor.


Anonymous said...

John Titor predicted that 2004 would be the last olympics, obviously wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not this crap again.

Hillary hasnt become president and the olympics havent been cancelled.

What more does it take for you to see that Titor is nothing but a hoax?


Anonymous said...

Hillary hasnt become president and the olympics havent been cancelled

mabey if Johny Boy kept quiet and just carried out his recovery mission he would not have thrown a spanner into the 'time works', mabey titor accidentally stymied the great unravelling by four years or mabey...


CadorBolin said...

Ah, but how do you explain the 2008 Olympics occurring when Titor specifically said that there wouldn't be any more of them after '04?

I was one of those that were entertained by the hoax. What I really like about this hoax is that no one has come forward and claimed to be Titor.

Anonymous said...


Ah yes the usual excuse. The prophecy is not fulfilled because the prophecy's exposure altered the events mentioned in the prophecy.



Chesterton said...

He also predicted that the President in 2004 would be an Abraham Lincoln type who'd do his best to hold the country together, followed by an evil, power-hungry tyrant in 2008.

Yeah, that sounds like Bush.

Conspiracy theorists have a nasty habit of ignoring all of the evidence against their theories. Probably because they decide they want to believe those theories before they even look at any of the evidence.

Anonymous said...

i'm titor. and whathaveyou, and whatnot.