Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vault OS V1.0 : Supporting PDF Reader In DOS

I got this PDF reader running last night as part of a configurable archive database for the text version of VOS. It's probably the single most important function that requires a graphics mode.

It shells out this to utility which in turn calls two other tools and a tiny graphics viewer to browse the resulting pages.

It's not perfect - for one thing, it requires a lot of temporary drive space and then a big cleanup afterwards. This isn't always ideal for a compact flash disk like I am using. It does work, though and it allows access to an indexed PDF library on demand.


CadorBolin said...

Sorry for the off-topic message, but I thought I would show a bit of 'truth' that got through on the televitz regarding the Russia-Georgia war:

CadorBolin said...

I'm kind of surprised that a segment like this made it's way to Fox News. I think that the program director assumed that putting on a 12 year old girl who fleed Georgia would provide some anti-Russia propaganda (because they believe their own BS that everyone fleeing was running away from the evil Russians). Her story completely went against the kosher script.

Just look at how nervous the news anchor is as he cuts away to commercial.

Anonymous said...

that was a great news clip. And it was a good save, cutting to commercial before the trickle of confusion could make it over the surface of any kwanzian brain. Even giving her another 30 seconds after the pattern disrupt, a new question to help her onto a new train of thought. But don't worry. The kwanzians will all forget when the moving pictures change scene. Hey look. Paris Hilton is endorsing a fast-food franchise...

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

P.S. vault-co rocks. I'm really only interested in the DOS simple user interface. touch screens and graphic colors are nice, but I will have a faraday for my laptop. Vault-os will be my simple utilitarian program, and I will pride in it's simple utilitarian interface. If I have time to play with the finished vault before the big kickoff, I will have fun decking it out in the simple, low-tech 'civil defense' motif of yesteryear, a-la fallout 2.