Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vault OS & The Thin Client

What is even cheaper than an old laptop and more powerful than a 586 PC/104?

There is a new line of failed technology in town and it is called the thin client - a bad idea that got a lot of funding but not much brains behind it. Fortunately for Vault Dwellers, a lot of it is extremely advanced tech with nowhere to go for those pursuing traditional paradigms.

Right now if you look you will find deals where you can buy 6 thin client PCs at a time for $20.00, all fanless and driveless, low to zero heat devices all powered off Type 1 compact flash cards. These devices feature all the frills including USB, serial and parallel ports, ethernet, built-in sound and video cards and even PCMCIA expansion slots.

Ideal devices for running low demand, high performance systems like Vault OS or similar. Without the hassles of building your own tech or figuring out how to configure an individual laptop for best performance.


Anonymous said...

This is an older post, I hope you read it.
Something I was looking at (I know you were talking about needing a cheap computer and sort), you could run a linux on a gamecube. I see gamecubes as cheap as $15 now, and I was looking at this website here:
You can also port linux on the xbox, but gamecubes are cheaper

Texas Arcane said...

Interesting. Will look at this.