Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vault-Co's Big Predictions 2008

Here it is, short and sweet.

Obama/Biden ticket is unelectable. The Democrats know it and they are going to introduce Hillary Clinton as the nominee in the Fall.

John McCain will bring Joe Lieberman in as his choice for VP and almost miraculously overnight the entire media will swing from Obama to McCain as the darling of the press.

I don't know who will be elected, either Hillary or John. I do know that if John is elected, he will retire for reasons of health not soon afterwards if he does not die in office, leaving Lieberman as the first Jewish President of Amerikwa/Israel.

If Hillary is elected she will act entirely for the benefit of her backers doing exactly as Lieberman would have done anyway. For this reason, it doesn't really matter who is elected. The outcome will be the same - an attack on Iran if not now then soon.


andyboots37 said...

Has that ever been done before in American politics? Making a game-time decision and installing another candidate like that? Just curious. Seems to circumvent the whole "electoral process" which would in no way be shocking these daze.


Anonymous said...

"Obama/Biden ticket is unelectable."

Damn right. Hilary aint coming back though. McCain will win in a landslide setting us up for four more years of neocon-madness. What a future.


Chesterton said...

"I do know that if John is elected, he will retire for reasons of health not soon afterwards if he does not die in office, leaving Lieberman as the first Jewish President of Amerikwa/Israel."

Why on earth would the Jews put themselves in harm's way like this if they can just control America by proxy? This move would make absolutely no sense. It won't happen.

I predict Obama/Biden will be the Democratic ticket; I don't know who McCain will pick to be his VP, but it's probably going to be someone like Romney.

If Obama gets elected, Bush launches an attack on Iran before he leaves office. Obama can then shrug it off and say "Well, we're already there. Let's finish what we've started. We can't just destroy Iran's infrastructure without helping in the reconstruction effort!"

If McCain gets elected, Bush lets McCain do the job. Either way, we come closer to WWIII -- or possibly right to it. Exactly what happens with Iran probably depends on what Russia does in the coming months, so it's a difficult thing to predict.

I'll bookmark this post. If your predictions come true I'll come back to it and proclaim you to be the next Nostradamus.

CadorBolin said...

I have a feeling this will happen:

-Obama is elected (thanks to positive articles in the jewsmedia)
-Obama will "fix" the housing bubble (because the jews will rig the economy to make the first Black president competent in this regard)
-False flag, the 'kwa unites behind the first black president and then they invade Iran

A double whammy for the jews--it satisfies the jewish lust for a multicultural society and one that is rabidly pro-Israel at the same time. The jews like the Bush presidency, but he hasn't been very good for their gun grabbing agenda. This time, they get their cake AND eat it too.

Of course, I could be way off and your prediction is the correct one. I'm willing to make a gentleman's bet of $1 against your $1 if you like.

Texas Arcane said...

Andyboots, it has happened a few times before.

It's a stretch to predict it, except I know there are quite a few Democrats who don't want to be the party of beautiful losers this time around. Hillary has much broader support than the brother from Indonesia. It's mostly the media that made him the mainstream candidate. I heard there are 160+ delegates who still have not decided who they will nominate yet.

The press tries to decide these things for the American people but the reality is different. I think there is a 50% chance they will announce Hillary despite it being a shocking upset. Either way, after the Rob Warren debate it's become obvious to even the slowest 'Kwans that Obama is close to being a vegetable. George Bush begins to look smart in comparison.

CadorBolin said...

Obama is one of those gifted ten percenters who make a large segment white kwans feel warm and fuzzy into voting for him. His political instincts are far better than previous black candidates who did not know how to mask or hide their 'hate whitey' agenda.

While he is good at reading a stump speech, he is a horrible debater and cannot think quickly when he needs to go off-script. I saw this way back in the primaries, and was somewhat surprised when he started to win.

I am somewhat morbidly curious as to how an Obama Presidency would look like, however. While I think the jews would do everything in their power to make the first black president successful, perhaps the 'kwa is on an irreversible suicidal path anyway and nothing can be done to stop that. Might as well grease the rails for the trainwreck with a black radical on top.

It would be very difficult to give the nomination to Hillary at this point. The Democrats are mostly minorities and self-loathing whites and they will stick with their black 'savior' no matter what.

If McCain wins against Obama, it will be because he will be a more effective shabbas goyim than the latter.

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