Monday, August 25, 2008

Vault-Co Predicts 2009: The Silence Of The Cold

Next up. We've been predicting another Ice Age for 7 years. We have never committed to a date.

Vault-Co says the winter of 2009, incidentally arriving with the worst economic crash in human history in America, will be the start of Ice Age II. Agricultural failures and food prices will soar and even the dumbest globowarmthers will start to get it. It's the Maunder Minimum. Not something you read about in a book. Right now.

2009: Prepare for a cold front

Roads blocked by snow in summer in Austria

Northwest America frost in summer

"Snow" was only "hail" in Sydney in July, no worries says televitz device

Reprint : An Ice Age Approaches

Solar energy output in rapid decline across the entire spectrum

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Anonymous said...

I predict the winter of 2009 to be average. Let's see who is right when it's april 2009. Well if we all are still alive then ofcourse.