Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ultimate Emergency Lighting System For Vaults

I've been following this stuff long enough to be confident it is not a hoax or a boondoggle. I just wish they'd hurry up and start selling this product. I am not kidding, I will velcro as much of this stuff as I can afford on every available surface in the shelter once it becomes available.

There are two problems in shelters that are extremely serious that very few people know about unless they have tried to inhabit an underground structure for an extended period.

The first is humidity, it's really the mother of all problems where humans are concerned.

The second is absolute darkness. There have been times when the lighting system has gone out inside Firehold Bravo that have even scared me. The silence and total blackout is unnerving after a very short period, although it can be adapted to. I have been on the verge of panic a few times when not only the primary power failed but the blue light system too, followed by my headlamp or flashlight malfunctioning/flickering on and off. The effect on women and children could be really severe I imagine. After ten minutes in these surroundings, your mind will play tricks on you and I say that as someone whose mind normally never plays tricks on him. You will begin to fabricate the illusion you see lights somewhere. This may frighten you and it feeds into your irrational dread of darkness. Within a very short time, you will start to think there is someone else there with you who is completely silent. Your conscious mind knows it's just the lack of stimulus to your brain but it's still quite hard to adjust to. I recently mounted a couple tritium lights around the shelter to try to fix this problem.

I cannot tell you what a relief it would be to have glowing panels which never go out, never fail and never turn off, no matter what the situation. A fantastic addition to any Vault, without question. The company claims these panels will be incredibly cheap, as well.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff.

Just out of curiosity, what sort of radiation protection factor does your vault have?

Anonymous said...

This is already available. You can buy it online from the manufacturer at

Solsys said...

On a almost different matter (but still about inert energy), posted here because the "terminator" articles are too old, check out these wind-powered thingies

I guess that could make "terminators" even more affordable and easy to operate (think patrolling on the beach etc)

Texas Arcane said...

I have often estimated the protection factor of my shelter using tables of figures that probably are not very accurate depending on a wide array of variables.

Assuming the entrances are packed with shielding, I would say somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 PF for Firehold Bravo. When Sparkgap is finished it will probably be about 1000+ if it is backfilled to a depth of 1/2 meter or so with crushed rock.