Monday, August 4, 2008

Trees are going hungry

Oxygen stealers continue in their campaign to paint the whole world to look like the inside of their evil heads. Now a cause worth killing for, making ugly wherever they go.

If they're children of heaven, too, then why is it everywhere they live begins to look like hell?

Some vessels made to be broken. Accursed are you born and on your belly you shall crawl and eat dust. Children of the serpent, instead, I think.

What would these critters do if whitey woke up one morning and decided to stop pretending they're just one headstart program short of human? I think that could get pretty nasty pretty quick. Obviously, men would have to be longsuffering and infinitely patient to stand by and watch all that they have known vanish in a horrible crude scrawl of spray paint.

That was a lovely civilization you assholes have crapped all over. I think maybe someday whitey will just stop trying and walk away from you. I would like to see how you fare that day on your own. I expect it will not be well.

Block by block, I watched the America I knew disappear under a sea of this hideous scribble. It is a sin of such magnitude you could condemn an entire race for it.


Anonymous said...

the link is to an article about "taggers" in LA

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I thought "skull fucking" was a nasty language.

Take a look at the moronic level of comments to that video.