Saturday, August 16, 2008

Terminators & WW3

In 1999, a pretty strange prediction appeared on the Internet. Out of the blue, without much in the way of corroborating evidence, somebody predicted that World War III would feature unmanned autonomous vehicles which would draw on organic powered AI to hunt and kill human beings in warfare. Ten years ago this was in the realm of psychotic delusion. That was before the Iraq war made it obvious that robotic technology was the single most important military tech on the horizon and before there were widespread announcements that success had been achieved cultivating brain cells in the lab as platforms for organic computing. It sounded like the prediction made by a mental patient at the beginning of TWELVE MONKEYS.

That prediction was on Vault-Co.

Incredible as it sounds, the truth is that you will see the rise of terminator robots on both the American, Russian and Chinese sides in the next few years before World War III. It's as inevitable as fire, the wheel and the lever in the history of human innovation.

It's also a milestone in the history of horrible things created by mankind.

It is interesting to watch this beast and think about the implications for further development.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord. I can't wait to see this combined with the sim-flying rat brain. Throw in a drug-war or dissent-suppression module for extra horror.

Anonymous said...

Big Dog is a weapons platform. There is no other viable purpose for it's use at all. Nobody will buy an eight-million dollar pack animal, and there are no provisions for manipulating arms to rescue or give aid to a person wounded in a remote location. It is being designed for the explicit purpose of reaching and killing humans who are hiding in rough terrain. There are no 'future implications' or 'possible developments' to speculate. Anyone who thinks this is anything other than an offensive weapons platform to hunt down and kill fleeing, possibly non-combative or retreating humans hiding in wilderness areas, is an absolute idiot. It is a hunter/killer robot.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Texas Arcane said...

At some work I was doing a couple years back I had a chance to read some of the specs for the components being used in UAVs and this was my thought exactly ... these units were easily assembled and programmed by developers, assuming you had the money. The problem is, the Red Cross doesn't have that kind of money. These robots will not be used by aid agencies to deliver care packages. It's easier for a human to do it. You would pay for and use these robots in a situation you would want to kill others without them being able to kill you. What makes the robot worth paying for in situations to replace a human being is a situation where other human beings would be trying to kill that human being. So the primary purpose will be military in nature for a long, long time before you see dancing robot dogs entertaining sick children at the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Had BigDog on my blog over a year ago. Cant even imagine how it looks today.

The little one scares me the most. Imagine it with an explosive charge, being dropped in enemy terrain by the dozens.


Solsys said...

Interestingly enough, those things could be harmed by the most primitive hunting methods known to man /hominids : digging traps, lasso trap etc.

You don't even need weapons to defeat these. All it takes is the will and the balls (what the other side, using robots, is lacking)

It's like every time the US mad scientists invent something, the parade for it is even more primitive. Like in Iraq, where on one side you have the most computerized army of the world, and it's being defeated by little more than the Volksturm armed with their Sturmgewehr and Panzerfaust (sorry, that would be "insurgents" with "AK47" and "RPG-7")

2008 Vs last-ditch 1945 - and last-ditch 1945 is winning.

Seems to me the only war the US ever won was against Native Indians. But they used pox-infected blankets and killed the bisons, which is not so different with what's happening in Iraq (depleted uranium, bombed-out water infrastructure etc.)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...impressive little robot there, especially the way it regains it's balance. However, one teensy little problem I can is run by a gasoline engine...How much fuel can that thing carry? How clean can it keep the fuel in rough conditions? Kinda makes it vulnerable...
As for it's climbing ability, well, I would think a three foot high wall with a smooth front surface would puzzle it...much like the old Doctor Who Daleks and Robocops "ED-209", which couldn't handle stairs...

Texas Arcane said...

I imagine this robot dog is like the VIC-20 or TI-99 home computers in terms of what is coming.

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