Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"THE SILENT CITY" : Awesome P.A. Short!

One of my favorite post-apocalyptic shorts for many years.

I reckon this movie is about a terminator bot with some great A.I. just patrolling around looking for nasty humans infesting his grid sector. You watch it and tell me what you think it is about.


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Aside from the destructiveness of modern civilization or coming disasters, for memories of a more peaceful life:

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Rzero said...

Awesome! Great find!


Solsys said...

While it's downloading, here's an excellent short film about SHTF (bird flu) and why it's going to be so damn hard in suburban 'Kwa.

Its title is : "Old Friends"

Solsys said...

(Caution, only spoilers ahead)

It's well made, especially the 3D part in the end, proving that it doesn't have to be snazzy to work.

My take on the situation : there has been an "old city" which has a high concrete wall around it.

Two directions from there :

Direction 1 : The wall being of no defensive value to the city, and probably built after some "event", it is meant to protect the rest of the world / country from what's inside.

It can't be nuclear (the city center is still there)and the first guy is wearing a gas mask. It could have been some kind of plague (but wouldn't the germs become airborne at some point ? Even through a crow's stomach)

My take is more on something really toxic, but not radioactive, lest nobody told the first guy he wouldn't make it back because even a hazmat suit wouldn't have shielded him from radiation.

Those who built the wall also built robots to shoot people (presumably to prevent humans to exit the quarantined city)

It has been some time since the city has been cordoned off, and things went in a nasty direction nonetheless. Indication of time relies in the "modern" suits the soldiers are wearing, and of course of the desolated landscape outside the walls.

We can see there's a breach that has been made into the wall, and it's quite old now since a booby trap has been set up. Interestingly there has been a sniper aiming at this hole, he would have had to shoot people trying to enter.

This point is a bit weak : if the city was so dangerous, why would a sniper still be there to protect it ? And who would want to enter such a city in the first place ?

So we go for direction 2 : the city protected itself from the outside world.

Whatever happened outside was very nasty, and required more than wired fence to keep it at bay. Those who built the wall didn't think the menace was still organised enough to be able to break it with explosives. Well, they did, and this is why they posted snipers on the breach who did their turf to the bitter end (theirs).

And then, there is the robot. Within the "direction 2" scenario, it may have been made by two factions : it could have been made by the town's enemy during some kind of war, to decimate the city even though it was protected.
Or it was built by the city itself, as manpower dwindled, to supplement missing soldiers.

Although everybody in the city died, intruders keep on entering, and are dealt with by a very efficient sniper robot who makes every bullet count (I wonder if he reloads the brass afterwards too ;)

This is why the city remains a mystery, and only very light scouting patrol are being sent there.

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Chesterton said...

That was great! I agree with your assessment; the camera angle, robot sounds, and the smashed car at the end indicate that it's a terminator.

It's such a shame that there haven't been any great post-apocalyptic films. There've been a few good ones, but nothing that I'd consider great.

Same with books. The only one I've read that really captures the best elements of the genre is A Canticle for Leibowitz. Have you read it?

Everything else is just decent.

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DC v Heller was not the victory everyone was thinking it was:

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that was great. Do I recognize one of the actors as the main dude in '28 days later'?

Anyways great find!

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

CadorBolin said...

I liked it. I'm a big fan of horror anthology comics (It!, House of Secrets, House of Mystery) and this reminded me a lot of these.