Friday, August 29, 2008

Russia+China+NKorea+Pakistan = Kwa Doomed

Russia is on top and kicking ass.

Russia and China have a leash around the bankrupt Kwa's throat

China knows which horse to back in this race

Extraordinary warning from Russia to Amerikwa

Good time to test your Topols

Yes, they work alright.

This editorial is a desperate plea by weaklings to turn back the clock to a time when the Kwa and Brittania mattered. Alas, Russia and China are holding all the cards, the U.S. is only holding ZOGBux.

Russia can cut their oil. China can close the Panama Canal. Then nukem 'til they glow. Game over. You lose, Kwans.

The Kwans better hope their government doesn't pull a Katrina in their response. I have a sneaky hunch the U.S. will be lucky to get off a single bird before the first strike. Now make fun of Bert the Turtle.


Anonymous said...

Do those Topols even reach America?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has a symbolic name.

"palin", "palyn", "palina", "pelin" are the common Slavic words for wormwood plant.

Guess what is Russian word for wormwood?

чернобыль (chernobyl)


Anonymous said...

"Do those Topols even reach America?"

The most recent generation of Topol-M's have a range of ~11,000KM. They could strike anywhere in the USA from any number of source locations.

The Russian submarine missiles have a range of ~8,000KM

Anonymous said...

Russia has only around 50 Topols, unless they have more somewhere that nobody knows about. They may have a few longer range missiles, but Topols (Topol-M) are the main thing at the moment. That's why they are so worried about a missile shield possibly capable of distracting even ten of their missiles. USA may be planning a false flag attack similar to 9/11 but this time nuclear so they could then unload their nuclear arsenal on Russia as a "necessary self-defensive measure" or some such.