Sunday, August 17, 2008

Russia Sez Itz Coming

The shemales running the Western world, hopelessly effeminized by decades of exposure to the kweer juice laced with estrogen they call drinking water, can do naught but waffle helplessly and appeal to the Russians to consider the magnificent journey of discovery we're all on and offer to discuss the "issues" they may have. Suggestions the Russians may need to get in touch with their inner child.

Itz coming, guaranteed. There is only enough oil to go around for the barbarians and those who take it. The West is a lot like a real society except minus the females and males. There is no way that our civilization can cope with these kinds of challenges without resorting to warfare.

Do you know the cliche that when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail? Well, when your average IQ is 97, every situation looks best solved with violence. In fact, it is difficult for such people to conceive of any other possible way to resolve a situation without violence. This is why blacks in America kill 9000+ other black people a year, usually over minor disagreements involving either hos or small inflections in the voice during greetings or in passing.

The West is effectively ghettoized at this stage and it's as hard for them to keep their finger off the nuclear key switch as it is for a pimp on a hot Friday night in Harlem to keep his finger off the trigger of his zipgun. It just seems natural to solve the problem in this fashion - no alternatives present themselves to such minds.


zwick said...

the chaos that is coming will be breathtaking. Like tex says.. pack your rice and keep your head down! I used to think that I had more time to prepare, like months or a year. Now I live day to day. It is no accident or coincidence that all this shit is coming to a head now. God help the deserving.

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