Monday, August 11, 2008

Putin Asks The United States If They Feel Lucky

Do you, punk? Let's hear you make fun of Bert The Turtle now.

I could have never imagined the day would come I would be cheering on Russia. It's the most bizarre twist imaginable after thirty years of fierce hatred for communism.

The 'Kwa told the Georgians, "Kill civilians in Ossetia if you want to. Who is to say what is right or wrong? Look how many civilians we have killed in the Middle East. Has anybody brought us to justice? Right and wrong are whatever the victors say they are. Besides, we control the media. Have atrocities been committed in Ossetia if they are never reported? Of course not. There is no God, you may do as you wish. That's the only commandment we have anymore. Do as thou wilt. There is no heaven and no hell, join our gang of looters and murderers and discover the joy of bombing weddings and kindergartens from the air. Look at our army. We will support you fully in whatever actions you wish to take in this region."

The Russians just jerked a knot in ZOG's ass. Apparently there are consequences for the things you do in life and now it appears that the 'Kwa is a paper tiger which cannot give assurances to anyone. It appears that the invincible facade is coming down. The 'Kwanians are a weak flimsy race of pornographers and sodomites who are the armies of Satan. They do just fine killing women and children with cluster bombs from the air but it appears when a real fight beckons they have a yellow streak.

Think you can win a nuclear war with Russia, Kwanzans? They're calling your bluff, let's see you try it. Your punk card has been pulled. Just try to get involved, your sodomite race will taste the fire that is waiting for you in hell. Stick to killing unarmed civilians, little girls and old women with sniper rifles, it's as close to being real soldiers as you will ever get.


Anonymous said...

You just had to take a swipe at atheism didnt you?

Focus Tex! We can have a religious debate after the fallout is gone.


Anonymous said...

You hate the commies yet you cheer for a KGB spymaster that runs the country in very much the same way as the good old communist party?

Texas Arcane said...

The last bastion of freedom on Earth for white Europeans is now in Russia. Russia represents the hope of the world for men to live their lives free of the chokehold of ZOG. Anybody who thinks Russia is still a communist country needs to have their head examined. Putin is a fierce orthodox Christian and a defender of the faith.

You dare to call Russia a communist country when life there is freer and less regulated than any other place on Earth. I could buy any weapon I wanted to own there and shoot any criminal any time who thought he was at liberty to take what is mine and I would not do ten minutes in jail in Russia. Do you really think you could say as much of your multicult pound-me-in-the-ass prisons for white guys called the Western world nowadays? I don't think so. The Soviet Commissars could only dream of dominating their population the way that Western people are dominated today.

Chesterton said...

Nonsense. Most Russians have absolutely no freedoms. I have relatives living there -- believe me, life in Russia is nothing to envy unless you're connected to the KGB in some way. The lives of the peasants belong to the 1% that run that country.

"I could buy any weapon I wanted to own there and shoot any criminal any time who thought he was at liberty to take what is mine and I would not do ten minutes in jail in Russia."

And if one of the ruling elite decide to kill you, they won't spend a second in a Russian jail either. They're free to rape, steal, and murder without consequences.

How many reporters have been killed for raising a voice against Putin, exactly? That's what you call freedom?

What about when they poisoned Yushchenko for being a pro-Western candidate for the Ukranian presidency. Is that another example of the wonderful freedoms over there?

You don't understand the Russian psyche and you don't understand what's going on over there. What you mistake for freedom is actually apathy. The peasants can have all the toys they like, so long as they keep their mouths shut and do what they're told. They're a source of cheap labor and prospective army recruits. That's it.

Their lives belong to the KGB, cradle to grave. Don't be fooled into thinking they give a crap about white Europeans, either. They don't. They'll screw you all the same if they think there's money in it.

Anonymous said...

"The last bastion of freedom on Earth for white Europeans is now in Russia."

Tex Im sorry but you are finally on my list of bug shit insane survivalists.

"Putin is a fierce orthodox Christian and a defender of the faith."

DAMN. I mean seriously man just DAMN. You've lost it.


David said...

Get ready for it..


andyboots37 said...

Boy George was just on the mind-molder saying that Russia's actions are unacceptable in the 21st century.

Russia actions are unacceptable in the 21st century.


Like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500

The Horror

Anonymous said...

Author of this blog:

Did you post as "Vault-Co" here:


Alex Supertramp said...

Not long now before we see Saakashvili being put on trial by the Russkies. Wonder if he'll get any better treatment than Saddam?

CadorBolin said...

In a Kwa VS Russia war, I will cheer for Russia, hands down.

My only problem with Putin is that he's not really the European nationalist that they make him out to be. He has endorsed multiculturalism and immigration. But perhaps these are just short term tactical political positions for all I know.

The catalyst for me in regards for turning against 'the West' and the kwa (in a geopolitical sense) was their terror bombing of Serbia and the breaking away of Kosovo. Kosovo is holy ground for the Orthodox church. Any one who claims to be a white Christian who is not angered by what happened here is a brain dead traitor.

As for all of the Putin bashing because he is supposedly ex-KGB, you believe too much of the ZOG press.

The Kwa is a hundred times less free than Russia. Can any of you Kwans talk honestly about race without losing life, liberty and ability to make a living? For opposition, you have these pathetic minute men who speak in code, always trying to dance around the multi-cult and the jew.

Anonymous said...

Russia is run for Russians.

I look to the media for my opinion of a man - if he is slandered as evil and a tyrant I know he must have crossed some of my enemies. The best way to measure a man's worth is to see how the mediavitzim talk about him. If they hate him and say all manner of terrible things about him you just know he is a win.

You all live in occupied nations, you have just come to enjoy your bondage and love your masters. Russia is run by it's leaders for the Russian people. Anything that the media hates must be a good thing, they are the wickedest race of thieves, liars and murderers the world has ever known. I guess Putin must've stuck it to the Oligarchs pretty good considering what you read about him in the papers.

You talk to me about a free press and my rights under English Common law and you call Putin a tyrant. What I would give to live in such a free nation.

Chesterton said...

Putin isn't 'supposedly ex-KGB.' He is KGB.

Look at what they did to Anna Politkovskaya. She raised a voice against Putin and she got assassinated. The people in Russia have no freedom of speech whatsoever. That's not to say I think America is anything great. I hate what this country has become. But to say that Russia is some sort of sanctuary for white Europeans is absolutely insane. Look here:

If you think Russia is so free, stop flapping your lips and start packing your suitcases. Until that happens you're as big of a hypocrite as those dopey liberals who praise multiculturalism while staying a hundred miles away from the enrichers at all times. Fair?

Anonymous said...

You sound like someone who doesn't even question the official story about 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks, the story created by the essentially same people who told us that JFK (the Hitler lover) was shot by a lone gunman, you sound like that sort of person, Chesterton. So does Nyquist. The article is propaganda, and full of bullshit to boot. Vietnam was about fighting Communism? Litvinenko was killed by the KGB? KGB is the supreme cut-throat organization on Earth, more terrible and devious than Mossad (ask Adolf Eichmann)? Hussein and Arafat were its agents (how literally is one supposed to take this?)? It's only natural that Russia tries to further her own interests. That's all there was to Russia's activity concerning Iraq. Trying to make it out to be something else is propaganda. Propaganda as such isn't morally questionable, as long as it serves truth (Nazi Germany is an example to emulate in this respect, as in so many others). Bullshit isn't very bad either, as long as it's not systematic propaganda. But it's as if that article has both. I always suspected that Nyquist was an NWO shill. That article convinced me. I don't know why Tex seems to have a soft spot for the guy.