Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paul Craig Roberts : Oh, Itz Coming To Be Sure

You have to appreciate the fact I made the exact same arguments nine years ago and predicted the exact same outcome of the 'Kwa "ballistic missile defense program."

... and people wonder why I have Cassandra Complex.


Anonymous said...

The fighters are now in their corners - the US has signed missile agreement with Poland, and Russia has said they will respond with military force. Missiles go online 2012.

Do any of you see one side or the other backing down ? Say the US pulling the missile base or Russia standing by while it gets built and goes live ?

I was really thinking we wouldn't reach such an impasse until much later - about 10 years from now according to the Fourth Turning. Now it seems like I was optimistic. The 4T says the earlier it comes, the worse it will be.

The two biggest bullies on the planet have backed themselves into a corner.

Well - at least we have a deadline we can plan around - better than complete cluelessness I guess.


Solsys said...

Kochevnik, the Fourth Turning is based on completely warped premisses.

The whole "X-generation" stuff, generational history, is presented as a repeating pattern, as if the US of A was an island in the universe and people somehow magically are ruled by cycles, and even more proposterous, these cycles are in the people's heads. Meaning that if we wanted, we could, but no, we are slaves to an esoteric cycle.

No such nonsense. The US of A isn't an island, Russians are no Gen-Xers, oil isn't magicallt created by a cycle.
I'd say what people think is very much a byproduct of anarchic marketing saturation and political psyops, all of which are conducted in very short-term objectives and have absolutely no greater purpose.

So much for cycles of civilisation or whatever.

Anonymous said...

The Fourth Turning has been right in every prediction it has made so far - from 911 right thru the current financial situation and almost certainly will be right about there being a world war or civil war in the next decade or two.

Ignore it ? Ridicule it ?

Be my guest.

Solsys said...

People can rationalize everything - everything.

The only problem relies in the logic used to rationalize what's happening.

Many people have a desire to understand it all, and this is where a concept like generational history comes in handy. You may think you stumbled by accident on the Great Truth, but let me tell you this : you didn't.

It's a scam, just like astrology. Hey, millions of people in the world rely on astrology on a daily basis, some even organize their lives with astrology. But in the end it's just one step closer to the guys in the jungle making human sacrifices so the Gods are happy.

Earth doesn't revolve around the US
of A, and USA is not isolated from other factors. I come from France, and I can tell you that there are bloody many other factors that come into account in a country's destiny that teenagers watching MTV or other similar arguments.

It's a very complex world, you better acknowledge it before you find burning a witch because a book said she would be.