Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oprah Hates Men and Would Like To Destroy The Human Race

Nietszche was right. A woman without a child will lose her mind in her twilight years. Oprah is becoming a really severely disturbed person as she gets older.

Every day, around the clock, this lesbian prevert psychopath broadcasts any and all stories about how evil males are, how stupid they are and how laughable they are. In fact, if males were 1% as bad as she has been saying for the past twenty years, one of them would walk onto her set while she was in mid-sentence, drag her weak ass off by the hair and put her to work in the nearest massage parlor in the towel laundry.

She enjoys her wealth and influence precisely because males are pricked into submission by suggestions they are not fulfilling their own moral codes and statutes. Without this sensitive conscience, nigras like this sterile mammy would still be in the fields pulling up cotton. It was males who first grew angry enough to clamor for abolition. Males who were almost manic about the notion that everyone should be treated equally by the law. At home in Oprah's beloved "native" country, a woman is raped every 6 seconds and her rapist will never be prosecuted. Males in this nation will not live with lawlessness. It goes against their basic ingrained nature. Nobody teaches us these things. Unlike women, there is a kind of virtue burned into the biology of the European male that is not learned from church or books. That's why everybody fights to get into nations where we are the majority.

Missing from Oprah's show : several hundred million men each day who continue to hold the ever weakening thin line between civilization and anarchy. It's a losing battle. They fight it anyway because they are white guys. It's just how God saw fit to make them. Beautiful losers slugging it out to the end trying to keep a roof over the heads of their children, food in everyone's mouths and their wife with enough leisure time to sit down and watch Oprah.


Anonymous said...

The social engineers have done one hell of a job on the nuclear family. From CIA asset Gloria Steinem to Roe v. Wade, they have indeed instilled behavior that should otherwise go against the grain of nature.

All one has to do is watch any modern sitcom to see the outcome of their highly successful operation. You\'ve got your standard dumb male with man-boobs and a beer belly as head of household; a fit, pretty, strong-willed wife who wears the pants and holds the fort; and spoiled, shallow teenage children who make both parents out to be inept at everything.

CadorBolin said...

The virtues of european white males are their biggest weakness in the present situation. It is the white male work ethic that is propping up the kwa--what is the point in preserving that? The only outlet that is still socially acceptable for the white male to vent is to support the "war on terror" and express his hatred of Arabs/Muslims (conveniently, enemies of the jews).

When the white race is nearly decimated, the ones that remain will be immune to the multicult propaganda. Whether there will be enough of them to put up a fight VS the rest of the brown world wanting to kill them remains to be seen, however.

Of course the above scenario only occurs if the present course continues to be sustainable. A gigantic "sh*t hitting the fan" situation might just be the monkeywrench that is thrown into the plans of the JWO. If there is going to be a mini ice age soon, I expect crop failures to weed out the wheat from the chaff.

Say what you will about the USSR, but that horrific country created a nation of hardened european nationalists that we see right now. The kwa is worse culturually than the USSR, the latter came to their senses when they saw that 'sexual liberation' was destroying their society and they eschewed internationalist dogma in favor of Church and nationalism to inspire their people to turn around their war against Hitler. The social engineers of the kwa are holding on to their dogma in spite of the evidence around them to the bitter end.