Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Last Article From SpaceWars.Com

Ten years ago when we started, SpaceWars seemed like an excellent source of non-political news about what was really going on in the world.

Over the years intervening it has become a blatant political sledgehammer pushing globalist and NWO propaganda until I have been forced to remove it from our trusted list of sources. It's not just one subject, either ... it's all of them. As of late it sounds like all of their copy on the environment is being dictated by Al Gore into his IPod. The military stuff is not much better and sounds to be rewritten correspondence by Dick Cheney or Richard Perle.

At Vault-Co we try to link to sites that just keep it close to the facts. Conjecture is okay if it doesn't have an agenda and most places do, which is why we don't link to them.

If any readers are aware of other sources that may have more transparent and trustworthy feeds, please let us know in comments so we can fill the gap left by the removal of the SpaceWars link.

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confident and paranoid said...

I agree totally Tex. I often wonder what all the environmental disaster/doom mongering stories are doing on spacewars.

Only site I can suggest is