Saturday, August 2, 2008

New York Times Censors Anthrax Story in Real-Time

I noticed the exact same thing. I could have sworn the version I read originally was different from the current version.

Sure enough, somebody got a call and made some quick edits.

Understand that whoever and whatever this guy was, he was first and foremost a Zionist conducting a false flag attack. His letters were forged to make them look like they were from an Islamic muslim terrorist. Notice how his convenient suicide allows the media to bury the entire story of the anthrax attacks with the greatest of haste.

The question of whether or not Israelis are capable of faking attacks on America to make them seem as though they are coming from somewhere else is answered. It was answered a long time beforehand.

The story here runs deep. In any nation other than one so sick it was close to death, it would lead to the largest scandal and subsequent investigation that had ever been seen in the United States.

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