Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Power For Vaults!!

If the sun shines, there may be power for the Vault in all climates.


Anonymous said...

New power dependent on many assumptions of unknown validity...

Assuming the research is real and can be replicated.

Assuming it scales beyond the lab.

Assuming someone invests sufficient capital to commercialize it - think years and millions of dollars just to get the bugs out of most university research before it is even ready for real-world pilot projects.

Assuming the commercializing entity successfully executes their business plan.

Assuming the economics prove to be real and that it can be manufactured at an economic cost and sold at a price that is economic.

Assuming that there are no unforseen roadblocks.

Assuming there are no requirements for materials that may be unavailable or uneconomic due to resource depletion (or even foreign supply disruptions).

Assuming these materials are still economic for Americans by the time the device is commercialized given US dollar trends.

Assuming no bankruptcy of the US or economic crisis that kills funding for worthy technologies at any stage of the commercialization process.

Assuming no geopolitical shocks, including war, nuclear war, pandemics, martial law following an economic collapse, terrorism, etc.

This is simply hope. Don't expect any real product any time soon - especially given current economic conditions with the US economy and financial system in collapse.

confident and paranoid said...

"Solar power has always been a limited, far-off solution. Now we can seriously think about solar power as unlimited and soon."

Tex, if this solution works for your vault, wouldn't a nearly unlimited power supply nullify all the reasons you built a vault in the first place?

- Too hot? Turn up the AC
- Too cold? Turn up the heater.
- Running out of oil? Run everything off electricity.
- Shortage of food? extract clean water & fertiliser using energy & the ocean and grow more than you'll ever need.

Rzero said...

Off-topic but you'll love this one:


Texas Arcane said...

This stuff usually scales perfectly to Vault sized applications and extremely poorly to nation sized ones. Good news for Vault Dwellers, the usual bad news for everybody else.