Saturday, August 16, 2008

The New Cold War Heats Up

If you look at the headline above, you'll see at once it's a reprint.

Vault-Co has been putting headlines on our blog like this for ten years solid, on an almost daily basis.

The Times or the Washington Post put this headline up and now all of a sudden it's news.

Three principles you can live by:

1. The majority are always wrong. It's because the majority are stupid. Therefore any consensus on their parts is stupid people putting their heads together to come up with a dumb conclusion.

2. The majority have so many false premises on which they base their lives it is utterly impossible for them to predict the future. Bad premises guarantee to lead to errant conclusions about consequences.

3. By the time the majority are willing to concede anything is happening, it is likely the entire paradigm has shifted into a different arena and context altogether. By the time the U.S. realized Russia was in the midst of a reorganization, it had already happened. Ten years after Russia began a military resurgence, it just dawned on the halfwits in America what the consequences could be.

So if Vault-Co told you it was coming ten years ago, you can pretty much rested assured it is here now. These are all just preliminaries before the main event.

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