Tuesday, August 19, 2008

.NET 2.0 Minimum Embedded Requirements

I just got my PCM-5894 166mhx Pentium Embedded Board with 128 megs of RAM and 1 gigabyte of Compact Flash to run a VG.NET interface under .NET 2.0 runtime at a pretty decent clip on a widescreen flipdown car television screen using a PC VGA-to-NTSC/PAL scan converter, powered by a simple automobile 12 volt jack. Totally blew my mind. Sort of widened my horizons. The custom UIs you can build with VG.NET are out of this world, resolution independent vector animated displays. Download a few of the examples from the VG.NET page and have a look. I have been using this toolkit for .NET for several months now and it is beyond good, it's actually too good.

The Ethernet connection practically configured itself for Firebird .NET SQL driver in Win '98SE which I thought would be hard to do. I ran the test suite that comes with Firebird and it passed without error.

Hmmmm ... hmmmmm ... mmmm ... yes ...

If I'm down there for the next forty years, which interface would I rather be looking at? That's not too hard to answer that question.


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Sorry tex... I'm just a kwan. I get on your blog as part of my daily reading and info gathering routine, and am always saddened when the day's enlightenment consists of technical stuff I have no idea where to start with.

I'm guessing that Vault-OS is getting cooler. Soon it will sing songs about Bert the Turtle and have a cute little radioactive emblem for a cursor.

I still look forward to the simple, monochromatic screen, DOS display, utilitarian oldschool lookin' program to put in my own vault. hehe

(A Thousand Good Intentions)