Monday, August 25, 2008

Modern People Don't Make Sense At Any Level

Every single writer on the subject from Gibbons to Spengler has written that a return to barbarism without the martial virtues is part of the journey from freedom back into bondage for a civilization that is declining. It is the fool who has never been a soldier who only thinks of some mythical glory that is obtainable from the horror of war. There is glory in defending your country but no glory at all to be found in war.

Tampering and covert intervention ends, Dow resumes fall

Civilized people don't become less vicious. They become more so. Having no personal experience with the horrors of warfare, famine or death, they think little of encouraging their military to deal as much out to whomsoever is the villain of the hour. It is not even an abstraction to them. After two generations without direct experience of war, so-called civilized people become the nastiest and cruelest human beings of them all. They take delight in reports of the suffering of people whom they shall never meet and think nothing of directing their neurotic aggression at targets that obviously pose no threat of any kind to them. It is civilized people which enact the worst atrocities against women and children and often at the end of a society you will find the military doing nothing but expending it's rage against the unarmed and the non-combatant. They lose the military virtues but the grotesque cruelty of their animal nature is more inflamed than ever.

Weak nations cannot tolerate free speech, they are like the sick who require a dark room

Excuses will be created in Denver to use these precursors to much worse coming

In doing these things, they inevitably draw down aggression on themselves again from another quarter, incapable of learning from history, as insensible as beasts, slaves of their most venal drives and instincts. It is in their reckless use of force that they create the very conditions by which they and their civilization will be eradicated. This was true of the Greeks, of the Romans and of Germany and a thousand other nations. To swell yourself up leads invariably to being popped. It is always right before a nation is destroyed that it declares itself eternal, immortal and invulnerable. To be an empire means to be in your nadir. Healthy and vibrant nations with a destiny of their own do not seek empire, only societies with their institutions full of sociopaths.

Torture capital of the world tortures off-shore to avoid own Constitution

The coming complete isolation of Amerisrael

The Mother of all Wars is coming soon

You would find few barbarians in the history of the world who had sunk so low as modern man. Even a barbarian might have some principles and some honor but consumer units have less than nothing at all. In this way the natural cycle of death and destruction could be regarded as cleansing. It clears the stage of history for another people to prove themselves worthy of God's grace. The 'Kwan is a child of hell and God does not hear the prayers of such creatures. It can honestly be said of the 'Kwa that it has run it's course and it's good days are long behind it.


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Very eloquently stated Cleve, and entirely accurate.

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Boy, what an eloquent orator that Sheriff Captain is. /s