Friday, August 29, 2008

The Media is a Poisoned Well Of Toxic Lies

A woman without a family is a wretch and the same can be said for a male, not because I want it to balance out in some insane feminist formula for gender equality ... but because it's true.

More and more stories like this lately. It must be in response to the perceived decrease in the incidence of divorce.

The mediavitzim are waging a war against mankind, one mind at a time. You get the females first, the males can be picked off one by one later on.


Anonymous said...

What about infertile men and women?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mediocre, huh? Sounds like a Sex In The City episode.

If women only knew how nature works. Men always opt for fertileness over haggardness, so while these women are out living their life to the fullest, their looks are fading and their short window of opportunity to be chosen by a mate is quickly closing. Who will be the mediocre one then?

It doesn\'t take a psychic to paint a picture of these women 10-20 years from now. They will all befall the same fate of living alone in a one-bedroom apartment with forty cats and talking about how accomplished they are.

Anonymous said...

The thing with refusing to settle for Mr Mediocre is that by the time they find Mr Perfect they discover that 1) he's already snapped up by the competition or 2) he's looking for Miss perfect. Not Miss perfect slut with more notches on the bedhead from the last six months or they would have been Miss perfect if they were 10 years younger.