Sunday, August 10, 2008

'Kwans Use Proxy State To Test Russians

The Neocons in the United States gave Georgia a shove to push them into Ossetia, promising them full backup and their protection if anything arose from it. This is what they got for being a client state of ZOG in Amerikwa and doing what they were told. The Kwans wanted to test Russia to see if she has been rebuilding her military as quickly as reports have indicated in the past ten years.

30,000 civilians made homeless, 2000 assumed dead

I guess the Russians passed that test, didn't they? Amerikwa considers the people of Georgia and Ossetia to be useful white lab rats sacrificed for an experiment to probe the strengths and tactics of the Russian fighting forces.

We have said more than a hundred times over the years on Vault-Co that any nation that has trusted the United States as a friend since the end of WWII, including promises of their protection from enemies they might incur as a result of their alliance, has found itself abandoned and utterly betrayed by the U.S. when the moment of truth arrived. From the Bay of Pigs to Vietnam, Amerikwa has shown that they believe anybody who trusts them probably deserves what they get.

If it is any consolation to the people of Georgia, you should know they would do as much to their own people any time if they thought it served their interests.


Rzero said...

Interesting theory but I dont think the current US administration is 'smart' enough to see Russia as an enemy, let alone to test their strength.

No I think Georgia simply fell for washingtons bullshit and pushed the Russians a bit too far. They have been seriously pissed off lately (Kosovo) and this was just the last straw.

America's lack of support for Georgia just proves they are a paper tiger these days. And with an inept EU there is nobody to keep Russia from reclaiming the countries lost after the Soviet Union 'collapsed'.

I'm on this situation like white on rice and so far I dont see this spilling over to other former soviet states. But Russia has claimed Ukraine to be supporting and supplying the georgian army.

Interesting times indeed.


Rzero said...

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...

Those 'Kwanzanians who keep leaving abusive comments should not bother. Your tiny squeals of outrage will not be published unless you have something meaningful to say. Once again, your deep furrowed brows and jutting chins will not avail you an audience here if you are just adding to the abominable lies of your government.

It is now known across the globe you had more than a thousand marines and at least a hundred Israeli Spetnatz troops drilling there as recently as Jun 24, 2008 and it is safe to assume they were not sharing cooking recipes.

Come back when you have something honest to say or don't come back. You can post a million comments here but until you're ready to admit to your nation's guilt in this matter I won't approve them.

andyboots37 said...

Thank God for sites like this.

You'd never know the audacity of the neocon's to blatantly forecast their agenda on a video game in 2001. I don't know the entire score on it but apparently it's a Tom Clancy production that stages an attack in Georgia in 2008. I guess the pubescent punks that were playing this game back then are currently living it out now.

Too much.

I've got a cast-iron bathtub and enough doritos for 3 or 4 days. Bring it on!!! (Snarling Stallone Icon).

Anonymous said...

I had remembered reading about this:

Anonymous said...

This has a bit more info:

Apparently, the Georgia (US State) National Guard was training with the Georgian army just a week or so before the conflict broke out with Russia. I had thought this was interesting.

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Chesterton said...

The Russians are playing this beautifully. I previously said that the this was about oil and the BTC pipeline -- I now think that's only the cherry on top. Check this out:

This is about making America's allies abandon them. The Iraq war had the same effect (the Russians knew about 9/11 in advance, by the way; check Nyquist). Russia played that beautifully too and really fed the anti-American sentiments in Europe.

Just to recap:

America goes to war with Iraq, where they have no business being. America loses favor with the world.

Russia goes to war with Georgia, an independent nation where they have no business being. America loses favor with the world.

Brilliant. A few more debacles like this and it'll be America & Israel v. World.

@Rzero -- The US elite know perfectly well who their enemies are. They're not building multi-million dollar bunkers to protect themselves against ragheads. Don't be fooled, the US military still has some of the brightest people in the world working for them. They also have access to more information than you, Tex, me, or anyone else reading this blog. The Russians, it seems, are just a lot more clever when it comes to manipulating geopolitics.

Anonymous said...

Get a load of these Krisschans:

Anonymous said...

you're an interesting guy, "tex". about one-third of the time, you write stuff that i read admiringly.

alas, the other two-thirds you're pretty much full of shit. only *you* KNOW the real truth about the coming epic hard times; only *you* can see through the lies and into the future. someday soon you'll tell us all the real truth about JFK and 9-11, just like you inform us all that such-and-such is really a "zionist false-flag op", because you just somehow KNOW these mysterious things, way out there in the outback or wherever you are.

never mind that all the folks who were saying these things back in 1980 - just like you are today - were dead wrong, even though they'll never admit it.

but you're also kind of a dumbshit at times. "israeli spetnatz"? are they like the saudi mossad?

itz possible you might just be crank who's wrong about everything. in which case, you'll have spent years and big bucks building a hole on the ground in which to hide.

Anonymous said...

Hey, on here:

Is this you posting as "Vault-Co"?

CadorBolin said...

So Georgia sent 1000 soldiers to help the 'kwa and now the 'kwa just utters a few words of symbolic condemnation as they helplessly watch. HA!

Oh Tex/Vault-co: let the kwans post their little abusive comments :) I just want to hear them squeal like stuck pigs.

Texas Arcane said...

I have been getting about twenty comments an hour, I can summarize most of them for you as :

"Amerikwa is #1, beeyotch! We have the best army in the world and our porn production is unmatched! We will be making a reality TV show soon that clearly shows us kicking ass! Because we're #1, beeyotch! Georgia shares a border with Louisiana and if the Russians push any farther they will be stopped by North caorlina! Deal with it beeyotch!"

Anonymous said...

Out of interest Vault, with Russia heating up, is your vault ready? By that I mean how long could you stay in it if you had to do so right now?
I've increasingly been thinking about building my own vault, but without relocating many people will see it being built. How do you keep yours hidden and how many people know about it?