Sunday, August 31, 2008

Declining Societies Lose The Ability To Solve Their Problems

Think about all the words that have been written about the ineffectiveness of preparations for Katrina and remember that America has had four years to address these problems.

Like women, no end of discussion. Unfortunately, nothing ever seems to get done.

It was like this with the Roman road system. For the last 200 years of Rome's existence, they discussed, planned, plotted and analyzed how best to repair their roads. Vast bureaucracies were formed to study the problems, fortunes in tax revenues from the public coffers spent on conferences of the best minds to decide how to do it swiftly and efficiently.

They never did a single thing to their roads. Not so much as a handful of pitch. Archaeologists say all final attempts to remedy them were by the people who lived in front of them, usually a patch over a pothole with a bucket of mud and some straw. Just holding it together for a few more weeks.

Oil shutting down production in the Gulf in preparation for hurricane swarm.

Gustav, Hanna ... more ... a hurricane generator?

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Black Seas are getting a little dicey

The Navy continues to be really important in war ... if you're preparing to fight World War II. Unfortunately, Kwans, this is World War III. The Navy is just a quick way to sink a lot of metal to the ocean floor in the modern era.

The ever-growing nightmare of the third World War

The neocon plan for everything failed miserably

Everything about neocons is incompetent in all regards

U.S. determined to prod Russians into nuking them They won't drop it. Subconsciously, they want to die and take everyone else with them.

The Russian stealth cruise missile easily defeats the "defense shield" technology

Maybe some people think a grand fiery Ragnarok is better than hobo destitution.

Britain is finished, might as well finish themselves off

America too. Time to turn off the lights and go home.

Squeeze all the nations in, we got room for everybody

PC/104 Low End Units Phased Out Worldwide

Just got another one of these cards off E-Bay for $20.00 + S&H. Easiest embedded PC to set up ever. Plug in flash card with boot rom and OS, off you go. These kinds of no-fan systems usually have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 100,000+ hours or around 12 years you can run them without interruption before some component will begin to misbehave. Probably it is possible you might run one 20 years without ever encountering a hitch and if you did it would likely be something you introduced in software.

Average specs is something around a Pentium I/II with 32 mb SDRAM, PCI/ISA bus, 4 com ports and one parallel which is more than enough to control anything.

Because almost all PC/104 units have a watchdog function, you can always recover gracefully from a crash with a reboot automatically and if your software keeps track of it you can run self-diagnostics and log anything out of place before resuming.

Something like PowerBasic is ideal for these cards but you can run GEOs Ensemble or Win98/SE at a good pace with all the functionality that entails. IPX is still an excellent basic communications protocol between all terminals because it is so simple almost nothing can go wrong.

I was thinking of making this unit the dedicated controller/terminal for power management in Sparkgap, as well as managing water and fuel pumps from the silos farther up the hill.

Blinders Off : Everybody Begins To See WW3

It's so simple even Bill O'Reilly gets it now

Amerikwa has no other options left

I am not faking astonishment.

It takes a long time to sink into the Asperger mind just how slow the average human being is. It's like watching paint dry. IT's ReAlLy S-L-O-W-W-W-W-W-w-w-w-w-w ...

Slowly ... slowly ... you can see the wheels turning in there ... right ... oh, right, World War III. I see now. That's like bad, n'stuff. Have any of you thought about the implications? We should ... like ... do something!

Meanwhile, I'm still a combination of stupid/nuts.

Friday, August 29, 2008


McCain's old. He won't see the end of his term.

Will the President be a woman after all, as John Titor hinted?

Russia is already paranoid about McCain in office ... it won't help if the Vice President's last name is "wormwood" in Russian, otherwise "chernobyl" according to two of my Russian dictionaries.

I have a tentative connection with this woman through relatives who live in Alaska. She looks a great deal like one of my aunts.

At least he didn't choose Joe Lieberman as his running mate. That'd be practically like having the Knesset govern the 'Kwa directly.

Did I mention I have a sickly feeling in my stomach nowadays whenever I see any 'Kwans on television at all in any situation? I am trying to remember everything so I can relate the history of the end of this country to my grandchildren. I just have this instinctive sense we are coming up on the apocalyptic, mindshattering conclusion to all of this soon. Itz most certainly coming.

Russia+China+NKorea+Pakistan = Kwa Doomed

Russia is on top and kicking ass.

Russia and China have a leash around the bankrupt Kwa's throat

China knows which horse to back in this race

Extraordinary warning from Russia to Amerikwa

Good time to test your Topols

Yes, they work alright.

This editorial is a desperate plea by weaklings to turn back the clock to a time when the Kwa and Brittania mattered. Alas, Russia and China are holding all the cards, the U.S. is only holding ZOGBux.

Russia can cut their oil. China can close the Panama Canal. Then nukem 'til they glow. Game over. You lose, Kwans.

The Kwans better hope their government doesn't pull a Katrina in their response. I have a sneaky hunch the U.S. will be lucky to get off a single bird before the first strike. Now make fun of Bert the Turtle.

The Media is a Poisoned Well Of Toxic Lies

A woman without a family is a wretch and the same can be said for a male, not because I want it to balance out in some insane feminist formula for gender equality ... but because it's true.

More and more stories like this lately. It must be in response to the perceived decrease in the incidence of divorce.

The mediavitzim are waging a war against mankind, one mind at a time. You get the females first, the males can be picked off one by one later on.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nano98 - Windows in 7 Seconds, 4.5 Megabytes

Equip your micro Windows with tiny drop-in tools from this page. Compress these with UPX and they will load faster, run faster and exit faster. No more half gigabyte word processors or spreadsheets, try keeping all apps under 1 megabyte in size with no registry access for fastest performance.

If you want to get rid of the windows splash screen, edit the msdos.sys file, add line that says logo=0 unless there is a line there already saying logo=1, then just change it to changes. Do this under the [options] area.

If your compact flash has room (280 megabytes), you can run .NET 2.0 runtime in addition to ODBC driver for FireBird Database at a decent pace even on a 233 Mhz Pentium machine from this setup. Networking is relatively easy, particularly if you have an onboard Ethernet chip. Turn off Virtual Memory and force all applications to be fully loaded into RAM when running. This not only speeds them up like crazy, it makes them load much more quickly with no paging to disk. You'll need at least 64 megabytes of RAM for decent performance, 256 megabytes is even better. Note that universal data access can be accomplished through the MS Windows Dbase ODBC driver to read and write databases that are also being written to by DOS-based terminals with file sharing on.

28 Days Later / Rabid Horde Watch

The experiments detailed in the first part are honestly the scariest kinds of research I can imagine. It only takes a little development for it to have military applications and possibly escape the lab and infect humans.

I have read about many different kinds of bioweapons that attack the inhibition centers of the brain designed to turn your enemy into a raving mob of lunatics killing everything in sight. It is not too big a stretch to foresee these kinds of deployments in a war between Russia, China and the United States.

98Lite = Megacheap Embedded Windows!

I've been playing with this product for several hours. I tried reducing my Windows 98 to just 12 megabytes of sleek OS, then turned off Virtual Memory altogether after adding some more SDRAM to my embedded system. It worked like a charm. 90% of the fluff of Windows is gone, the ceaseless RAM spooling is gone and I replaced massive resources hogs like Adobe Reader with this lean PDF-reading machine. I gave it a scratch area on the Disk-On-Chip for file compression operations.

Now I am trying once again to get the runtime for .NET working at a decent speed. If I can cram all of this plus Firebird database into a 128 mb flash disk for the initial boot I will have a nigh perfect version of Windows OS with the reliability that Bill Gates forgot. This means I will be able to develop on my good machine in C# and port the executable onto the flash ram for testing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"THE SILENT CITY" : Awesome P.A. Short!

One of my favorite post-apocalyptic shorts for many years.

I reckon this movie is about a terminator bot with some great A.I. just patrolling around looking for nasty humans infesting his grid sector. You watch it and tell me what you think it is about.

Paul Craig Roberts : Oh, Itz Coming To Be Sure

You have to appreciate the fact I made the exact same arguments nine years ago and predicted the exact same outcome of the 'Kwa "ballistic missile defense program."

... and people wonder why I have Cassandra Complex.

Oprah Hates Men and Would Like To Destroy The Human Race

Nietszche was right. A woman without a child will lose her mind in her twilight years. Oprah is becoming a really severely disturbed person as she gets older.

Every day, around the clock, this lesbian prevert psychopath broadcasts any and all stories about how evil males are, how stupid they are and how laughable they are. In fact, if males were 1% as bad as she has been saying for the past twenty years, one of them would walk onto her set while she was in mid-sentence, drag her weak ass off by the hair and put her to work in the nearest massage parlor in the towel laundry.

She enjoys her wealth and influence precisely because males are pricked into submission by suggestions they are not fulfilling their own moral codes and statutes. Without this sensitive conscience, nigras like this sterile mammy would still be in the fields pulling up cotton. It was males who first grew angry enough to clamor for abolition. Males who were almost manic about the notion that everyone should be treated equally by the law. At home in Oprah's beloved "native" country, a woman is raped every 6 seconds and her rapist will never be prosecuted. Males in this nation will not live with lawlessness. It goes against their basic ingrained nature. Nobody teaches us these things. Unlike women, there is a kind of virtue burned into the biology of the European male that is not learned from church or books. That's why everybody fights to get into nations where we are the majority.

Missing from Oprah's show : several hundred million men each day who continue to hold the ever weakening thin line between civilization and anarchy. It's a losing battle. They fight it anyway because they are white guys. It's just how God saw fit to make them. Beautiful losers slugging it out to the end trying to keep a roof over the heads of their children, food in everyone's mouths and their wife with enough leisure time to sit down and watch Oprah.

Amerikwa Always Has The Best Fake Opposition That Money Can Buy

Jerry Rubin was pushed to the front as a clown to discredit the anti-war movement because senior officials were worried the ideas were becoming too mainstream.

The same things are happening right now with 9-11. Notice the media only allows airtime to guys who also claim we never landed on the moon and Nazis did.

It doesn't actually take all that much brains to play this good cop/bad cop game. I'm sure if you'll think carefully you will remember someone in your workplace who has done this almost unconsciously in tandem with another person in order to get their agenda accepted. Governments only do it on a broader scale.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ghost Cities of 2100

Entertaining summary of many of the most interesting ruins around the world and possibly their counterparts a hundred years from now.

In their heyday, each and every one of them seemed to be the center of the world, the economic hub of the planet, the locus of the entire universe. Each in turn claimed by the sands and the wind.

Ultimate Emergency Lighting System For Vaults

I've been following this stuff long enough to be confident it is not a hoax or a boondoggle. I just wish they'd hurry up and start selling this product. I am not kidding, I will velcro as much of this stuff as I can afford on every available surface in the shelter once it becomes available.

There are two problems in shelters that are extremely serious that very few people know about unless they have tried to inhabit an underground structure for an extended period.

The first is humidity, it's really the mother of all problems where humans are concerned.

The second is absolute darkness. There have been times when the lighting system has gone out inside Firehold Bravo that have even scared me. The silence and total blackout is unnerving after a very short period, although it can be adapted to. I have been on the verge of panic a few times when not only the primary power failed but the blue light system too, followed by my headlamp or flashlight malfunctioning/flickering on and off. The effect on women and children could be really severe I imagine. After ten minutes in these surroundings, your mind will play tricks on you and I say that as someone whose mind normally never plays tricks on him. You will begin to fabricate the illusion you see lights somewhere. This may frighten you and it feeds into your irrational dread of darkness. Within a very short time, you will start to think there is someone else there with you who is completely silent. Your conscious mind knows it's just the lack of stimulus to your brain but it's still quite hard to adjust to. I recently mounted a couple tritium lights around the shelter to try to fix this problem.

I cannot tell you what a relief it would be to have glowing panels which never go out, never fail and never turn off, no matter what the situation. A fantastic addition to any Vault, without question. The company claims these panels will be incredibly cheap, as well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Modern People Don't Make Sense At Any Level

Every single writer on the subject from Gibbons to Spengler has written that a return to barbarism without the martial virtues is part of the journey from freedom back into bondage for a civilization that is declining. It is the fool who has never been a soldier who only thinks of some mythical glory that is obtainable from the horror of war. There is glory in defending your country but no glory at all to be found in war.

Tampering and covert intervention ends, Dow resumes fall

Civilized people don't become less vicious. They become more so. Having no personal experience with the horrors of warfare, famine or death, they think little of encouraging their military to deal as much out to whomsoever is the villain of the hour. It is not even an abstraction to them. After two generations without direct experience of war, so-called civilized people become the nastiest and cruelest human beings of them all. They take delight in reports of the suffering of people whom they shall never meet and think nothing of directing their neurotic aggression at targets that obviously pose no threat of any kind to them. It is civilized people which enact the worst atrocities against women and children and often at the end of a society you will find the military doing nothing but expending it's rage against the unarmed and the non-combatant. They lose the military virtues but the grotesque cruelty of their animal nature is more inflamed than ever.

Weak nations cannot tolerate free speech, they are like the sick who require a dark room

Excuses will be created in Denver to use these precursors to much worse coming

In doing these things, they inevitably draw down aggression on themselves again from another quarter, incapable of learning from history, as insensible as beasts, slaves of their most venal drives and instincts. It is in their reckless use of force that they create the very conditions by which they and their civilization will be eradicated. This was true of the Greeks, of the Romans and of Germany and a thousand other nations. To swell yourself up leads invariably to being popped. It is always right before a nation is destroyed that it declares itself eternal, immortal and invulnerable. To be an empire means to be in your nadir. Healthy and vibrant nations with a destiny of their own do not seek empire, only societies with their institutions full of sociopaths.

Torture capital of the world tortures off-shore to avoid own Constitution

The coming complete isolation of Amerisrael

The Mother of all Wars is coming soon

You would find few barbarians in the history of the world who had sunk so low as modern man. Even a barbarian might have some principles and some honor but consumer units have less than nothing at all. In this way the natural cycle of death and destruction could be regarded as cleansing. It clears the stage of history for another people to prove themselves worthy of God's grace. The 'Kwan is a child of hell and God does not hear the prayers of such creatures. It can honestly be said of the 'Kwa that it has run it's course and it's good days are long behind it.

Vault-Co Predicts 2009: The Silence Of The Cold

Next up. We've been predicting another Ice Age for 7 years. We have never committed to a date.

Vault-Co says the winter of 2009, incidentally arriving with the worst economic crash in human history in America, will be the start of Ice Age II. Agricultural failures and food prices will soar and even the dumbest globowarmthers will start to get it. It's the Maunder Minimum. Not something you read about in a book. Right now.

2009: Prepare for a cold front

Roads blocked by snow in summer in Austria

Northwest America frost in summer

"Snow" was only "hail" in Sydney in July, no worries says televitz device

Reprint : An Ice Age Approaches

Solar energy output in rapid decline across the entire spectrum

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vault-Co's Big Predictions 2008

Here it is, short and sweet.

Obama/Biden ticket is unelectable. The Democrats know it and they are going to introduce Hillary Clinton as the nominee in the Fall.

John McCain will bring Joe Lieberman in as his choice for VP and almost miraculously overnight the entire media will swing from Obama to McCain as the darling of the press.

I don't know who will be elected, either Hillary or John. I do know that if John is elected, he will retire for reasons of health not soon afterwards if he does not die in office, leaving Lieberman as the first Jewish President of Amerikwa/Israel.

If Hillary is elected she will act entirely for the benefit of her backers doing exactly as Lieberman would have done anyway. For this reason, it doesn't really matter who is elected. The outcome will be the same - an attack on Iran if not now then soon.

Itz Nearly Here

Steele is right.

Something is going to happen shortly.

If you get up to speed now you will not regret it if it's longer than expected.

Civil Defense Museum Updates

Lots of interesting changes over at the CD Museum, including discovery of a sixty year old civil defense food cache that looks to be mostly intact.

Have a look at the water page if you haven't already - note the table of storage life from the government.

Updated Food Page With Picture of Cannisters

Paris, Texas Shelter Beneath Bank

Information on the drinking water cannisters

Weatherford, Texas Power Plant

One Last Article From SpaceWars.Com

Ten years ago when we started, SpaceWars seemed like an excellent source of non-political news about what was really going on in the world.

Over the years intervening it has become a blatant political sledgehammer pushing globalist and NWO propaganda until I have been forced to remove it from our trusted list of sources. It's not just one subject, either ... it's all of them. As of late it sounds like all of their copy on the environment is being dictated by Al Gore into his IPod. The military stuff is not much better and sounds to be rewritten correspondence by Dick Cheney or Richard Perle.

At Vault-Co we try to link to sites that just keep it close to the facts. Conjecture is okay if it doesn't have an agenda and most places do, which is why we don't link to them.

If any readers are aware of other sources that may have more transparent and trustworthy feeds, please let us know in comments so we can fill the gap left by the removal of the SpaceWars link.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vault-OS : Useful Application of I2C Comms

Going to be a while before I get these hooked up.

Criminals Refuse ZOGBUX as Payment

Hooze are ya tryin' ta fools wit dat monopoly money? Pay up wit reel dough or I'm gonna have ta hurt yoose!

Cold War Ends With Unconditional Russian Victory

The U.S. lost. Russia took home all the marbles. They are holding all the cards.

Poor 'Kwans are a condemned race of hopeless nitwits

Amerikwa is tanking. They're doomed.

Russia is out of the pretend force called NATO

The "half the globe" they speak of is anybody affiliated with the nutty 'Kwa

The U.S. was humiliated worldwide by the Russian conquest of Georgia it helped foment

Now what you need to ask of yourself is this question, the very same question that we have been repeating on Vault-Co for almost ten years.

Will the U.S. slip quietly into oblivion?

Or are they looking for a big ragnarok with cobalt tips a'poppin?

Vault-Co says the latter.

Fannie & Freddie = Worthless By Buffet

That's not a recession. Nor a depression. It's a crater where the 'Kwa used to be.

Vault OS : Observations on different platforms

Some things I have deduced by working on three versions of Vault OS at the same time:

1. DOS doesn't multitask. To get it to seem like it does, I had to write a TSR popup that buffers messages in and out to I2C port and IPX for Ethernet. It appears to work well this way once it is compliant with all interrupts. The problem is I can't debug it from within a shell from Windows 98 out to PowerBasic - I have to reboot in a true DOS mode to run the TSR for testing. DOS remains the lowest possible requirements and memory profile for the x86. I pretend to multitask by polling text windows with events and it's a passable imitation for most purposes. Vault-OS for DOS will work and I will need it because I have especially tiny x86 machines I need to run on the network, like the power management station that is targeted for Sparkgap to charge batteries, turn the generator on and off, shunt wind and solar where needed and keep a feed of conditions going over Ethernet.

2. Windows 98 can be cadged into running .NET 2.0 runtime for .NET applications. Unfortunately, performance still sucks. You need 256mb to run things at a decent clip in .NET under W98 and even then there are long brain damage pauses like the embedded device is trying to decide if it wants to spool some more RAM or just crash on the watchdog timer. I don't have the embedded W98 so the RAMDRIVE runs a lot which means it taxes the hell out of the compact flash card. I don't know if this setup will be practical to run Vault OS unless it is on a high end laptop which serves primarily as a terminal for the system, not a workhorse. The Vault-Co ThinkBoy cannot be running Win98 around the clock for the environmental sensors and control manager for long without crashing after a few weeks, most likely due to fragmentation on the CF that goes unaddressed. I had to do this experiment to find that out for sure. Nevertheless, a VG.NET interface looks damn good running on the LCD panel.

3. There is a bright spot in all this - my NewBasic applications running under GEOS Ensemble have it all ... 4MB RAM runs GEOS faster than Windows XP, 16 MB Compact Flash drive scarcely ever spools unless necessary and then it's virtually 90% reading, not writing. The interface looks awesome, true multitasking or at least more than good enough for I2C and IPX networking in the background, great functionality possible for all viewers and display graphics. For this reason, I predict that the first version of Vault-OS I am likely to install for the Thinkboy will be running on GEOS Ensemble from Breadbox.

It is worth noting that should you stumble over an old copy of NewDeal Office on the internet on some torrent, there is a 99% likelihood that Vault-OS for GEOS will run perfectly on it. Otherwise I highly recommend buying a copy of Breadbox Ensemble for all kinds of good reasons.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Vault OS : EMP No Worries / Optical Ethernet

Over the past year, some visitors to the Vault-Co site have mentioned EMP like it was something I had never considered in my design. In fact, solving the EMP problem for the VaultCo Thinkboy has been uppermost in my mind for 10 years. I always figured I would start out with conventional ethernet and work my way to optical cards when they came down in price. Disconnecting ethernet jacks would be standard practice in your pre-attack scenario in any situation.

Let's assume that our Vault-Co Thinkboy OS running under DOS 16 bits has only two lines coming into it ... one for Ethernet (currently intended to carry only IPX packets initially for all inter-terminal communications) and another running off a serial port for the I2C controller. I have not got around to building my relay controller kit yet intended for the parallel port but I can always connect that to I2C as well. So that's two lines only coming into the machine to carry EMF, lightning current or the electromagnetic shockwave of an EMP burst. That would be the only connections your machine is running to anything in the outside world. If you baffle these with optical connections, your chances of EMP damage to your network dedicated machines drops to zero or pretty close thereof. I intend to run traditional ethernet cable aboveground between different stations in my shelter but all of these will terminate in optical adapters.

I just bought 2 of the PCI optical ethernet cards pictured above off EBay from a local Australian dealer for $4.00 apiece. A short while back these would run you $100.00 apiece easy.

The only gray area is getting them to run the LANDOS packet driver correctly, but their specification claims it is tested with both that driver and the MS network DOS drivers.

As for baffling the serial port optically, this is a $5.00 solution involving a circuit some people can build from scrap parts in twenty minutes. As soon as I find a good solid design schematic for serial optical I will post it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vault OS 16-Bit DOS : Python Included!!!

So I was getting around to the extendability/utility functions for Vault-OS (Text mode DOS), in particular a jobs processor of some kind more advanced than batch files that would permit users to script and run their own programs. I was tinkering with a 40 line program from QBASIC that permitted users to execute their own little BASICA scripts. Needless to say, I didn't see much usefulness in that so I ditched it and had a look in my archives over the past ten years. I needed something very small and very open ended. At first I didn't see anything but little VB-DOS scripting code that required many hours of work to make it suitable to do anything.

Guess what I found? Source code from PythonDX back in 1997 I saved to a floppy disk. A full working version of Python 1.52 in real mode 16 bits which I had compiled to a binary way back when, around 500K!!!!!!!! No, I can hardly believe it myself. That is one useful puppy to have on your RAM disk when you are on a tiny, limited embedded device. The link above shows you the libraries that were compiled in!!! It's huge!! It is practically a mini-OS in itself!

Yes, you could probably write your own Vault-OS with this single 500K executable and some good scripts. So you can probably imagine that's some extremely powerful scripting facility out of the box. I will allow people to edit and save a python script through the front end, stick it into a DBase3 database and execute it as their own custom functionality from the main screen!! Yowza! Imagine the possibilities even on a tiny little 2 MB embedded 386DX PC like the one I bought last week off EBay for $2.50 plus P&H!!!

I will likely include a few useful snippets in the distribution to get people started but adding whatever functionality you may feel is useful will be up to you in this version. I really like the notion of adding all this configurable power so users can tailor it for their needs and setup, whatever that may be.

P.S. Think this is lightweight fluff? Here's a guy who was writing controller IO software with this program, including the GUI and data logger!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

World War III : The Inevitable War

Russia withdraws completely from NATO.

Russians dig in like it's East Berlin in Georgia

Russia cancels Navy visit by the 'Kwa

Sheeple begin to realize the Cold War never ended at all

Pack your rice. Itz coming.

Everybody knows itz coming. The only people without shelters are the sheeple and they're still waiting for the globalist utopian multicult paradise. You people just keep looking up and praying to Francis Fukiyama, I'm sure the secular rapture will be along any minute now.

Vault-Co Weather Forecast : Heavy Chill Followed By A Snap Freeze

Ice Age II isn't coming anymore. It's here.

It will make the worst fake predictions of Albert Gore look like a summer sonnet by Walt Whitman.

How Hard Is It To Drive A Composite Portable Television From Vault OS?

Not too hard. So far I have done it with three B&W portables in a row using different drivers under Windows 98 and DOS without too much trouble and managed to get one color LCD panel with composite input working with a bit of flicker. I have also bought two commercial scan converters before I learned how to build the small circuits myself. Building the circuit on breadboard is great experience and I highly recommend it.
Consider that for the price of a single LCD panel, you can buy ten portable B&W televisions which will last you at least 40 years underground at about 20% of the power requirements.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

.NET 2.0 Minimum Embedded Requirements

I just got my PCM-5894 166mhx Pentium Embedded Board with 128 megs of RAM and 1 gigabyte of Compact Flash to run a VG.NET interface under .NET 2.0 runtime at a pretty decent clip on a widescreen flipdown car television screen using a PC VGA-to-NTSC/PAL scan converter, powered by a simple automobile 12 volt jack. Totally blew my mind. Sort of widened my horizons. The custom UIs you can build with VG.NET are out of this world, resolution independent vector animated displays. Download a few of the examples from the VG.NET page and have a look. I have been using this toolkit for .NET for several months now and it is beyond good, it's actually too good.

The Ethernet connection practically configured itself for Firebird .NET SQL driver in Win '98SE which I thought would be hard to do. I ran the test suite that comes with Firebird and it passed without error.

Hmmmm ... hmmmmm ... mmmm ... yes ...

If I'm down there for the next forty years, which interface would I rather be looking at? That's not too hard to answer that question.

DIY Embedded Computers?

Whilst researching my thin client to figure out how to get it to boot from the IDE/ATA interface, I discovered something incredible that those wonderful hackers out there have been doing for quite some time.

They have been simply yanking motherboards out of old computers and replacing the power supply with a small 12 volt regulator board, the hard drive with a compact flash adapter (see link above) and a passive backplane for some add-on boards and basically creating their own embedded computers at 25% of the weight and volume and a 50% leap in performance.

If you can replace the hard drive (heaviest thing in most old machines) and the power supply (stepdown transformer beast like a concrete brick) you're just left with what is essentially an embedded x86 PC you can stick anywhere. Suddenly I'm feeling queasy about those old machines I've been stripping for parts and chucking. I'm thinking that motherboard would have been just dandy with a little work.

The other way you can cheat the architecture is to buy a single ISA card adapter that allows you to stack a couple PCMCIA cards together in one slot for networking, serial ports, USB, etc.

This also gives you much broader scavenging options when TSHTF. I was at the scrapyard a couple of months ago and I saw a stack of discarded Pentiums that nearly reached the moon. They were the smaller kind of board design, too.

With a bit of ingenuity you could get your basic hardware costs down for Vault OS to no more than $1.00 a terminal in most cases.

Monday, August 18, 2008

DEFCON 3 : Missile Platforms Into the Mideast?!?!?

It's a crazy contest! Putin is going to win, too!

Set us up for the bomb

Everybody is jumping in on the action

Kwazy Kwanzanians : Blah, Blah, Blah, we have no idea where we are, who we are or what in the hell we are doing ...

Russia?!? Whezzat?!? I tink I heerd of dat country sometime.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Russia Sez Itz Coming

The shemales running the Western world, hopelessly effeminized by decades of exposure to the kweer juice laced with estrogen they call drinking water, can do naught but waffle helplessly and appeal to the Russians to consider the magnificent journey of discovery we're all on and offer to discuss the "issues" they may have. Suggestions the Russians may need to get in touch with their inner child.

Itz coming, guaranteed. There is only enough oil to go around for the barbarians and those who take it. The West is a lot like a real society except minus the females and males. There is no way that our civilization can cope with these kinds of challenges without resorting to warfare.

Do you know the cliche that when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail? Well, when your average IQ is 97, every situation looks best solved with violence. In fact, it is difficult for such people to conceive of any other possible way to resolve a situation without violence. This is why blacks in America kill 9000+ other black people a year, usually over minor disagreements involving either hos or small inflections in the voice during greetings or in passing.

The West is effectively ghettoized at this stage and it's as hard for them to keep their finger off the nuclear key switch as it is for a pimp on a hot Friday night in Harlem to keep his finger off the trigger of his zipgun. It just seems natural to solve the problem in this fashion - no alternatives present themselves to such minds.

Vault OS & The Thin Client

What is even cheaper than an old laptop and more powerful than a 586 PC/104?

There is a new line of failed technology in town and it is called the thin client - a bad idea that got a lot of funding but not much brains behind it. Fortunately for Vault Dwellers, a lot of it is extremely advanced tech with nowhere to go for those pursuing traditional paradigms.

Right now if you look you will find deals where you can buy 6 thin client PCs at a time for $20.00, all fanless and driveless, low to zero heat devices all powered off Type 1 compact flash cards. These devices feature all the frills including USB, serial and parallel ports, ethernet, built-in sound and video cards and even PCMCIA expansion slots.

Ideal devices for running low demand, high performance systems like Vault OS or similar. Without the hassles of building your own tech or figuring out how to configure an individual laptop for best performance.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

The Earth is much older and mankind itself much, much older than anything they have told you on the televitzing device.

Every regime wants you to think it is the pinnacle of human history when often it is only a sordid valley in the story of man.

If you're waiting for me to tell you how many times the planet has been wracked by nuclear warfare, the truth is I don't know. A younger man would offer some figure with conviction. I know better.

Everyone assumes all the craters on the planet near ancient civilizations are the result of meteor strikes. It appears the meteors like to land near ancient cities and metropolises so that future archaeologists, in the course of studying the crater, discover the ancient city underneath it or nearby.

Everyone assumes that all those ninety degree turns in the entrances of the underground structures which honeycomb the planet represent a desire to protect the inhabitants from the encroachment of sunlight. Maybe they were there to protect the inhabitants from something else.

The New Cold War Heats Up

If you look at the headline above, you'll see at once it's a reprint.

Vault-Co has been putting headlines on our blog like this for ten years solid, on an almost daily basis.

The Times or the Washington Post put this headline up and now all of a sudden it's news.

Three principles you can live by:

1. The majority are always wrong. It's because the majority are stupid. Therefore any consensus on their parts is stupid people putting their heads together to come up with a dumb conclusion.

2. The majority have so many false premises on which they base their lives it is utterly impossible for them to predict the future. Bad premises guarantee to lead to errant conclusions about consequences.

3. By the time the majority are willing to concede anything is happening, it is likely the entire paradigm has shifted into a different arena and context altogether. By the time the U.S. realized Russia was in the midst of a reorganization, it had already happened. Ten years after Russia began a military resurgence, it just dawned on the halfwits in America what the consequences could be.

So if Vault-Co told you it was coming ten years ago, you can pretty much rested assured it is here now. These are all just preliminaries before the main event.

Terminators & WW3

In 1999, a pretty strange prediction appeared on the Internet. Out of the blue, without much in the way of corroborating evidence, somebody predicted that World War III would feature unmanned autonomous vehicles which would draw on organic powered AI to hunt and kill human beings in warfare. Ten years ago this was in the realm of psychotic delusion. That was before the Iraq war made it obvious that robotic technology was the single most important military tech on the horizon and before there were widespread announcements that success had been achieved cultivating brain cells in the lab as platforms for organic computing. It sounded like the prediction made by a mental patient at the beginning of TWELVE MONKEYS.

That prediction was on Vault-Co.

Incredible as it sounds, the truth is that you will see the rise of terminator robots on both the American, Russian and Chinese sides in the next few years before World War III. It's as inevitable as fire, the wheel and the lever in the history of human innovation.

It's also a milestone in the history of horrible things created by mankind.

It is interesting to watch this beast and think about the implications for further development.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Those of you kwanzany numbskulls writing in to ask me how I can fail to be moved by all the press saturation of the "atrocities" and "aggressions" of the eeeeeeevvvvvvviilllllll Russians, are you sure you can really trust anything at all you get from the televitzing device? Doesn't the tail wag the dog in the 'Kwa? The media tells you what reality is and you only know what they tell you. Are you sure you know what Vault-Co knows? A week ago you all claimed that Vault-Co was the one who was confused.

Gosh, I'm wondering with all the high quality pictorials of the inhumanity of those Russians, why there was a total media blackout the week prior when Georgia began carpet bombing a metropolitan civilian city in Ossetia as though it were a legitimate target? Thousands upon thousands dead with the blessing and approval of the United States and the media smugly suppressing any visuals of any kind emerging from the area.

This mother and daughter were brought on Fox News to tell lies. They told the truth instead and Fox News cut to a commercial to make sure they were not heard.

Youtube Link - Fox News Attempts Spontaneous Censorship of Real World

'Kwan, your leaders are morons just like you. They're the leaders that God thought you deserved. Your moronic leadership tried to play the game of geopolitics and they lost. They got checkmated and the game is over. No money, no oil, no food, no future and no hope. Turn the lights out in the 'Kwa and wait for the darkness to rush in. Itz coming.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

It Only Stings When I Open The Hatch, Doc

Poland goes through with it. Polish people in opposition, of course. De Rigeur for "free nations" run by "democracy" to completely ignore the population's will nowadays.

Wow, amongst other things this is like a death sentence for Poland during WW3.

Vault OS V1.0 : Supporting PDF Reader In DOS

I got this PDF reader running last night as part of a configurable archive database for the text version of VOS. It's probably the single most important function that requires a graphics mode.

It shells out this to utility which in turn calls two other tools and a tiny graphics viewer to browse the resulting pages.

It's not perfect - for one thing, it requires a lot of temporary drive space and then a big cleanup afterwards. This isn't always ideal for a compact flash disk like I am using. It does work, though and it allows access to an indexed PDF library on demand.


Is it going to be much longer, Scotty? What exactly is wrong with it? Is there a small lead loose somewhere, maybe a dilithium crystal that fell out of it's socket? I'm running out of patience down here, seriously.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vault OS Delivery Plan

Vault OS will have three incarnations, starting with the highest priority to lowest, all based on the same core technology. My first priority is the text mode DOS terminal for use as soon as possible in my existing shelter. I intend to have all three versions running in the shelter on computers depending on their capabilities. Low end machines may run the text mode version only, if powerful laptops exist they can run the VG.NET version.

The most critical thing to get running and released is inventory manager. If I do staggered releases I can add the other functionality a small step at a time until it is a complete suite.

"Concord" ~ Core For All Terminals in Vault OS

1. BULLET B-Tree database
2. I2C for control and sensors
3. Ethernet/IPX for intercommunication
4. Network filesharing for databases and archives
5. DXF Vector (& 3D) Images
6. PCX image format
7. INI file configuration

This is what I have been working on:

1. Vault OS V1.0 DOS Text Mode

I started in Powerbasic, learning as I go and got two modules working (inventory and personnel) before I learned that PowerBasic does not have overlay technology. So I worked on a chain manager for modules for an hour or so. While browsing through the old manuals at my desk I realized that my version of VB-DOS Professional supports MOVE technology overlays ( Microsoft Basic overlay manager from early 90's)for creation of programs up to 16 Megabytes in size! I tried to port some of my code using the BULLET database over to VB-DOS and have had some success, although it is by no means complete. The main screen and launcher menu look kind of good. I put this fake brick background with text graphics under the main window that looks really good. Powerbasic is a great language but I think if I want to put it all in one large program chunk (ideally) I have to use VB-DOS to do it. It requires a little more ingenuity with the machine level coding of interrupts and stuff.

2. GEOS Ensemble (Real mode graphical OS that sits directly on DOS/2MB)

Still learning how to code in GEOS with SDK. Slow going, it's not exactly intuitive. I had a simple database program running but designing interfaces with it is pretty tedious. Each time I compile something I copy it onto a Type 1 Compact Flash Disk and plug it into my PC/104 SBC to load and test it. I am confident I will get this running after I complete #1 above and have more time to devote to it.

3. VG.NET under Windows 98SE/XP/2000/NT

This will be the best looking version for running on widescreen monitors or touchscreen panels with all the frills. It will have vector graphic displays scalable to any resolution.

Chief Twink In Charge Of The 'Kwa Mewls Like Manslave at Vlad The Impaler

Notice how it's a different tone of voice than when you are dropping white phosphorus on civilians in Fallujah, isn't it? Everybody notices one thing for certain - 'Kwans are scared to death of a real military. Scared to death. No weekend shopping for you, 'Kwans.

All it will take is a little misunderstanding to get this party started.

Vault-Co suspects Russia may just take everything to the border of Armenia and effectively annex Iran as it's new protectorate. Now that's going to be funny. At least until WW3 starts.

Is this really the flashpoint of it all we have talked about for ten years? Could be.

There's really no situation a 'Kwazany can't stuff up. They stuffed this up really, really bad. The truth is the Neocons are a bunch of butch gays who have no idea how a real war is fought and won. They're all draft dodgers and terrified of violence - unless they can give the orders to somebody thousands of miles away and delight in the sheer cruelty of it. Reminds you of those twink Roman emperors like Nero, a blubbering fool and madman who cried like a little girl one moment and ordered hundreds put to death the next.

Dumbass Neocons Contribute Their Diagnosis : Nazis!

Whooda thunkit? I don't know what we would have done without that brilliant insight. Yes, everything is Nazis, now I'm an expert on geopolitics too. Is my check in the mail?

Europe thinking seriously about cutting this dead horse off the mule team before it takes everybody else with it.

Resource Wars : Look North For The Origins

Plenty up there but only enough to go around for one nation bold enough to take it.

Vault-Co prediction : Itz coming.

Is this going to go all the way? Not even the mighty Vault-Co oracle knows. There are some fine details of the multiverse we cannot call in advance.

Think Russia is scared of anything? Wrong, wrong, wrong. They're loco grande. They will drop a thumb on Mystery Babylon in a minute.

SS-21s Confirmed on the Ground and Armed With Tactical Nukes If America Intervenes

Monday, August 11, 2008

Putin Asks The United States If They Feel Lucky

Do you, punk? Let's hear you make fun of Bert The Turtle now.

I could have never imagined the day would come I would be cheering on Russia. It's the most bizarre twist imaginable after thirty years of fierce hatred for communism.

The 'Kwa told the Georgians, "Kill civilians in Ossetia if you want to. Who is to say what is right or wrong? Look how many civilians we have killed in the Middle East. Has anybody brought us to justice? Right and wrong are whatever the victors say they are. Besides, we control the media. Have atrocities been committed in Ossetia if they are never reported? Of course not. There is no God, you may do as you wish. That's the only commandment we have anymore. Do as thou wilt. There is no heaven and no hell, join our gang of looters and murderers and discover the joy of bombing weddings and kindergartens from the air. Look at our army. We will support you fully in whatever actions you wish to take in this region."

The Russians just jerked a knot in ZOG's ass. Apparently there are consequences for the things you do in life and now it appears that the 'Kwa is a paper tiger which cannot give assurances to anyone. It appears that the invincible facade is coming down. The 'Kwanians are a weak flimsy race of pornographers and sodomites who are the armies of Satan. They do just fine killing women and children with cluster bombs from the air but it appears when a real fight beckons they have a yellow streak.

Think you can win a nuclear war with Russia, Kwanzans? They're calling your bluff, let's see you try it. Your punk card has been pulled. Just try to get involved, your sodomite race will taste the fire that is waiting for you in hell. Stick to killing unarmed civilians, little girls and old women with sniper rifles, it's as close to being real soldiers as you will ever get.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

'Kwans Use Proxy State To Test Russians

The Neocons in the United States gave Georgia a shove to push them into Ossetia, promising them full backup and their protection if anything arose from it. This is what they got for being a client state of ZOG in Amerikwa and doing what they were told. The Kwans wanted to test Russia to see if she has been rebuilding her military as quickly as reports have indicated in the past ten years.

30,000 civilians made homeless, 2000 assumed dead

I guess the Russians passed that test, didn't they? Amerikwa considers the people of Georgia and Ossetia to be useful white lab rats sacrificed for an experiment to probe the strengths and tactics of the Russian fighting forces.

We have said more than a hundred times over the years on Vault-Co that any nation that has trusted the United States as a friend since the end of WWII, including promises of their protection from enemies they might incur as a result of their alliance, has found itself abandoned and utterly betrayed by the U.S. when the moment of truth arrived. From the Bay of Pigs to Vietnam, Amerikwa has shown that they believe anybody who trusts them probably deserves what they get.

If it is any consolation to the people of Georgia, you should know they would do as much to their own people any time if they thought it served their interests.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do you like Magic Tricks? Keep Watching.

Are you watching Beijing, Georgia or else John Edwards baby scandal?

Good. Now while you're watching that hand, you won't see what I am doing with this one.

Do You Know What Is Happening, 'Kwans?

Listen to the disparaging way the United States talks about Russia. Do they think they are brokering a peace deal in Kashmir between some third world guerillas?

UPDATE : This is a war, not a police action

Russia will drop the bomb on your ass, 'Kwan. This ain't no joke. It isn't a faceoff on Oprah Winfrey. Russia will drop the bomb on your ass, 'Kwan. Do you understand what is being said to you? I don't think you do. I think you think you know, but you don't even know what you don't know.

We know all about your space weapons, 'Kwans. Everybody knows you've got orbital platforms, it's not exactly a big secret anymore. Everybody knows about "rods from god" and titanium bars. Did something happen to make you seriously overconfident about what is involved in a nuclear war? This ain't like attacking some Middle Eastern backwater. Do you people in the Pentagon know anything about strategy and what sort of scenarios could happen between you and Russia if this party gets started? Because if we're talking about nuclear war, there isn't any technology on this planet or in the heavens that can protect you from the kind of collateral damage that is to be expected.

When you got briefed on these capabilities, I think it's possible one of the subcontractors you talked to may have seriously exaggerated just what the capabilities of the space platform are and definitely the rest of the 'Kwan military. Listening to the tone you take with the Russians, from John McCain to Condoleeza Rice, it's apparent you people have more confidence than good sense.

Russia will drop the bomb on your ass, 'Kwan. It ain't a made-for-television movie or a three part miniseries. Russia will drop the bomb on your sodomite asses. Get real and stop talking about the world's largest nuclear war fighting machine like it was two towelheads in an inflatable raft charging a naval carrier. When Russia said they have not allowed the Doomsday machine to go down for thirty seconds in the past thirty years, just what in the hell did you think they were talking about? Did you understand where you are and what is going on around you? I don't think you do. I think most 'Kwans are faking it all the time, 24/7 around the clock. You don't know what in the hell is going on.

I think the cure for Krazy 'Kwanzan fever is a Russian Sunburst cruise missile approaching at 20 times the speed of sound flying 20 meters off the ground. That will cure whatever is troubling those diseased brains of yours.

So you keep believing in the Fuhrer's Secret Weapons and acting like you've already got the whole thing wrapped up. I'd put hard money on a bet that the only thing ready to be wrapped up is Kwanzania. Nothing left over there for leadership but a bunch of crackheads and sodomites. Stop deepthroating Jeff Gannon for ten seconds, open your eyes and try to figure out where in the hell you are and what is going on around you.

A nation with no Civil Defense program and a hollow shell of a military staffed by file clerks, these lads throw their weight around like this was 1965. This isn't your dad's military and you are not the men your ancestors were. Now wake the fugg up and smell the fallout, 'Kwanzans, before it is too late. Your reedy pale ass should be whispering when you say anything to Russia and you should finish every sentence with Yes Sir and No Sir. Anything else shows you have no idea what a lightweight you are right now. It's Paul Reubens picking a fight with George Foreman and laughing at the design of his waffle grill first. 'Kwans don't know their own ass from a hole in the ground.

Friday, August 8, 2008


You might think the worst thing that could happen is for NATO to jump in. You're wrong. The worst thing that can happen is NATO doing nothing, setting the stage for a much bigger conflict between Russia and the United States soon. Amerikwa will have had their bluff called if they fail to do anything about this. The KGB will know they are nothing but sodomite punks in drag.

Russia bombing Georgia, moving armored column towards capital city.

Awesome Cartoon On Globowarmthunkery Kult!

Funny! Must watch!!

A picture really does say a thousand words.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Eternal Sunshine of the Kwanzan Mind

Did Ivins act alone?

If you think so, Kwanzany, you are beyond all hope and have no business visiting this blog.

1. A Zionist stages an anthrax attack as a false flag, timed to coincide with the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He is part of a publicity campaign beforehand to build up this idea in the public's mind until they begin to think they were the ones who came up with it. He knows in advance they will write letters designed to look like they came from illiterate Islamic radicals.

2. Why was Hatfield targeted initially when there was no evidence of any kind the government should suspect him but a sloppy trail of mistakes leading to rabid Zionist Dr. Ivins?

3. How did fifth column subversive Ivins know when and how the Trade Center attack would happen and who would be blamed for it so he could prepare his anthrax terror months in advance?

4. There are indications Ivins knew Colonel Philip Zack. Why has Zack been allowed to escape to Israel if there is evidence he was in collusion with Ivins?

So the government freely admits what all the "paranoid conspiracy nuts" have been claiming for seven years. What happened on 9-11-2001 was a false flag attack orchestrated by Zionists and designed to look like it was "terrorists" from the Middle East.

Score: Kwanzanians, 0, "Paranoid Nutters", 10

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Powerful Speech By Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Recommended by a visitor in a comment below.

Powerful, cutting stuff. This great man of letters uses a few words to say very important things.

Vault-Co agrees that no civilization outlives the quality of it's inhabitants. There isn't a system of government on Earth that can prosper with a population of cowards and fools. That's not the way that real life works. Either the fools kill one another or else are killed by an external enemy from the outside.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cuban Crisis II : No Miracle Zero Hour Solution This Time Around!

Think this is a joke or just posturing?

Putin is putting his hand up in front the draft-dodging chicken hawk neocon irregulars. This is a game for big boys. Not a bunch of metrosexual multicultural daft poseurs. You don't go tossing around threats like that without accountability. Telling Russia you're installing an anti-missile system on their borders with or without their consent is tantamount to a declaration of war.

The 'Kwa has screwed with the wrong bunch of people this time around. These ain't a bunch of towelheads on goatback in the middle of the desert with arms current up to 1945. This is the real thing. Krazy Kwanians are poking the bear cage. Russia is going to unzip them if they keep it up.

If you'll look at it from Russia's point of view, the 'Kwa has given them no choice. The essence of 'Kwanzan political strategy could be described as identical to the exact same boom-bust cycle of the Jewish people for the past 2000 years. Push with ever-increasing hubris until you get pushed back much harder than you were expecting. The 'Kwa is showing the exact same kind of mania that is expected from self-destructive, narcissistic personalities. Keep agitating in stark disbelief that nobody has knocked you down yet.

The 'Kwa wants subconsciously for somebody to stop them. They are daring the world to kick their ass. Pretty soon, the world is going to oblige them.

Those of you who have been reading Vault-Co know this constitutes a big, big hit for us. We described this entire reaction to the BMD program nearly 6 years ago. We were astonishingly accurate on this particular subject.

'Kwans Deserve The Lies They Are Served

The second prong of the 9-11 attacks, the anthrax mailings which sought to create the impression they were from Middle Eastern terrorists, were all the work of a man obsessed with a college sorority. Case closed.

If you're stupid enough to believe this explanation, the truth is you don't deserve anything better. The government knows the 'Kwans are a bunch of dribbling morons and deep down, most 'Kwans subconsciously know they are dribbling morons.

Weimar Style Inflation Coming

The West is in denial

All the mistakes of the 1930's repeated verbatim by klowns running the 'Kwa

Do you have a "Last Plane" account to get out of the 'Kwa?

The 'Kwa in 2009.

Wow. It's going to be unbelievably bad. But not as bad as in 2010.

Trees are going hungry

Oxygen stealers continue in their campaign to paint the whole world to look like the inside of their evil heads. Now a cause worth killing for, making ugly wherever they go.

If they're children of heaven, too, then why is it everywhere they live begins to look like hell?

Some vessels made to be broken. Accursed are you born and on your belly you shall crawl and eat dust. Children of the serpent, instead, I think.

What would these critters do if whitey woke up one morning and decided to stop pretending they're just one headstart program short of human? I think that could get pretty nasty pretty quick. Obviously, men would have to be longsuffering and infinitely patient to stand by and watch all that they have known vanish in a horrible crude scrawl of spray paint.

That was a lovely civilization you assholes have crapped all over. I think maybe someday whitey will just stop trying and walk away from you. I would like to see how you fare that day on your own. I expect it will not be well.

Block by block, I watched the America I knew disappear under a sea of this hideous scribble. It is a sin of such magnitude you could condemn an entire race for it.


I have heard estimates between 3 days and 20 years depending on the interpretation of ice core samples. The scientist at the link above believes he has found a more accurate method by measuring sediment layers, which are laid differently according to temperature.

If this is true then perhaps 2012 or earlier will see us into weather that Western civilization cannot survive.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Single Most Important Element of Power Management - Shunting

I have been assembling shunt boards for power switching this week from inexpensive kits I bought at a local electronics store. I'm going to finish Sparkgap in the next few months the way things are going and this is the first electrical system that will be installed for power management.

My original battery setup had your standard car charger hooked up to panels aboveground. There is supposed to be battery protection built into the batteries I bought but it did not work correctly. A couple months of discharge cycles and both my expensive camping battery boxes were completely shot.

You have to connect true power shunting boards to fully disconnect your battery when it reaches a level you will set according to whatever constitutes optimum cycling for your setup. Once disconnected, particularly from a wind generator, you have got to shunt that power into a load, be it an exhaust fan, lighting or a heater. You need something that can handle the maximum power input of your generation system without burning out.

The best way to intelligently charge an array of 12 volts is to connect shunt boards in parallel, so each one switches to the next battery in line until it gets to the end and then activates the load when all batteries are fully charged. If you make good use of the load you can use that excess energy to do things like run the water filter, run the exhaust fans, run hydroponics pumps, etc. depending on what the most energy hungry application is in your shelter.

The greatest thing about shunt boards is that they are built from a handful of cheap, hardy components and they have some built-in resistance to EMP. Even so, I am considering using a mechanical cable as a drive train from the vertical axis wind turbine down into Sparkgap for turning the motor so that I can do my maintenance belowground and also avoid long runs of wire from topside. This is actually much easier than it sounds - I have tried running a piece of braided cable inside a nylon sheath up to ten meters away connected to a motor and the torque generated at that distance is more than sufficent to turn a 12 volt DC generator shaft.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Power For Vaults!!

If the sun shines, there may be power for the Vault in all climates.

The "Recession?" That's old news.

The 'Kwa is looking at cratering economically. This is no minor recession. We're talking a one way trip to the bottom from which it will never return. There are no "cycles" left for the 'Kwa. The business cycle is over forever.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Britain : Natives Flee!!!!

I've warned you before, now I'm telling you again : Britain has been lost.

Just as if I were the commander of a zombie defense force, I am telling you that your life depends on recognizing when a city has fallen to the undead. Staying behind when the critical threshold has already been passed means you're going to end up lunch.

Know when to get out of Britain. That time is already past. If you have not left already, you should make preparations to as soon as possible. Don't get caught there.

Both Sides Of The Equator Freezing To Death In "Summer"

Tasmania cold and snowed in.

Once again, high altitude regions in Peru are rapidly proving to be uninhabitable because of the changes in temperature. Agriculture is becoming impossible in parts of South America because you can't grow anything when it's winter all year round.

Resource wars are coming. Soon it won't be over fuel to power cars, it will be desperate terror at being unable to heat a nation amidst mindnumbing, horrid, acridly bitter cold. It will be fight or die for the Western nations.

New York Times Censors Anthrax Story in Real-Time

I noticed the exact same thing. I could have sworn the version I read originally was different from the current version.

Sure enough, somebody got a call and made some quick edits.

Understand that whoever and whatever this guy was, he was first and foremost a Zionist conducting a false flag attack. His letters were forged to make them look like they were from an Islamic muslim terrorist. Notice how his convenient suicide allows the media to bury the entire story of the anthrax attacks with the greatest of haste.

The question of whether or not Israelis are capable of faking attacks on America to make them seem as though they are coming from somewhere else is answered. It was answered a long time beforehand.

The story here runs deep. In any nation other than one so sick it was close to death, it would lead to the largest scandal and subsequent investigation that had ever been seen in the United States.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Viral Experiment For Romero Style "The Crazies" Bug?

Gettin' crazy out there, Vault Dwellers. Might want to spray some WD-40 on those hatch hinges and practice going down that fire pole a little this weekend. I am starting to reckon most of them are fixing to completely bug out.

Of course, my Asperger's neural web instantly recalled a huge number of anecdotal details in the news and on hundreds of blogs and forums over the last two years about the strange effects on brain tissue ("the fog") of the latest and most virulent form of the common flu. I can't help it, I go to the file cabinet to pull out a single news item and my entire brain archive falls over on top of me in a tsunami of relationships. It's that Daredevil information ultrasound thing I've got.

Russia Moves To #2 Worldwide In Uranium Stocks

He who controls the atomic moonjuice, controls the world.

Future planned additions to U.S. nuclear arsenals may have to reclaim their fissionables from abandoned X-Ray Machines and radium dial clocks the way things are going.

U.S. Military : Send More White Girls

Fighting for the right to rape white girls worldwide. Rape-rape-rape. That's what female duty in a combat zone is all about, putting defenseless teens in the hands of monsters where they can be raped and then fragged when they start to get too used.

Tell me who the good guys are again. Who are the beasts and who are the champions of all that is holy and true? They're all starting to blur together into one big demonic mass for me.

If you think what they do to white girls is horrible that's because you don't know how they do black women.

Seriously, are we allowing these troops to return to U.S. soil? Why? We need a ground war in Iraq if for no other reason than to guarantee most don't.

Great Depression Canceled At Government Request!

Oy vey! Had me worried there for a while. Whatta relief!

Notice this is second attempt to flood news services with faked up "statistical proof" that the 'Kwa only appears to be plunging earthward at 1000 miles an hour. As Oprah would say, "it's all about perception." That's right. Wish harder it won't be babies, the other white meat soon.

That Man Stole The Chicken!

In Schindler's List, the commandant threatens to begin shooting men at random until someone confesses to chicken stealing. The first person they shoot, a child steps forward and volunteers the dead man ... "That man stole the chicken!"

Somebody got wind this guy would be charged soon, another straw man like Hatfill himself - and decided this would be an excellent time for this fellow to "commit suicide."