Friday, August 1, 2008


Viral Experiment For Romero Style "The Crazies" Bug?

Gettin' crazy out there, Vault Dwellers. Might want to spray some WD-40 on those hatch hinges and practice going down that fire pole a little this weekend. I am starting to reckon most of them are fixing to completely bug out.

Of course, my Asperger's neural web instantly recalled a huge number of anecdotal details in the news and on hundreds of blogs and forums over the last two years about the strange effects on brain tissue ("the fog") of the latest and most virulent form of the common flu. I can't help it, I go to the file cabinet to pull out a single news item and my entire brain archive falls over on top of me in a tsunami of relationships. It's that Daredevil information ultrasound thing I've got.


andyboots37 said...

The same happened in Brampton, Ontario about 6 months ago when a man randomly stabbed a woman to death in a shopping mall and then killed her husband who tried to help her. After that he turned the knife on himself in suicide. Who does that with a knife? It also happened in downtown Toronto.

Seratonin modifiers allow for subconcious programming so the user can't distinguish between reality and fantasy. A whole gnereation on them too.

Yeah, it's happening.

Texas Arcane said...

Apparently the entire nervous system is based on antagonist functionality balancing out protagonist functionality. If you can block either side of this yin and yang biochemically, you can make humans do all kinds of crazy things, even against their will.