Friday, August 8, 2008


You might think the worst thing that could happen is for NATO to jump in. You're wrong. The worst thing that can happen is NATO doing nothing, setting the stage for a much bigger conflict between Russia and the United States soon. Amerikwa will have had their bluff called if they fail to do anything about this. The KGB will know they are nothing but sodomite punks in drag.

Russia bombing Georgia, moving armored column towards capital city.


Anonymous said...

Almost Code Orange for me. Gonna stock up some more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

This blog

has been pretty skeptical about the Ivins case too.

Anonymous said...

Over 10 Russian peacekeepers killed in S.Ossetia-agencies
Fri Aug 8, 2008 9:30am EDT

Your link was at Fri Aug 8, 2008 4:26pm EDT

Here's a military exercise the 'kwa undertook right on Russia's border one month ago. Maybe the Russian Bear decided to draw a line in the sand?

I had the olympics pegged for some serious moves although I'd thought China would be party to it or there'd be a false flag operation that'd make 911 pale in comparison.

Beans, bullets and band aids folks. Don't wast a minute watching the games.

Anonymous said...

"Russian forces battled pro-Western Georgian troops in South Ossetia on Friday"...

I'm glad Reuters decided to nudge those of us who are not very well versed on the subject of unsettled disputes in that region of the world. Georgian troops are pro Western! Hell yeah, I'm a westerner. Go USA Go GEORGIA!!!! (middle finger emoticon)

Has a boy named George been farting around in Georgia? Soros is the name. Meddling around in the politics of nations I was not born in, nor have any loyalty to is my game. Rush Limbaugh and those neocon members of my extended family will LOVE me when I get this new and improved cold war kicked off. Now available in HOT.

Is it wrong if I think that Russia may be justified here?

Enjoy the blog Tex.


Chesterton said...

At the end of the day, the Russians are still just a bunch of Communist thugs. I don't think they're any more justified here than the Americans are in Iraq.

Like most things, this is about money and power. Notice how the Russians targeted the BTC pipeline. Russia is the world's biggest exporter of oil. Every time oil goes up a penny Russia makes billions. With the BTC pipeline gone Europe would be more or less 100% dependent on Russian oil.

I bet that has nothing to do with this war though, right guys?

Anonymous said...

Woody - IMHO the Russians have been extraordinarily patient. By patient I mean they've been wearing the bullies taunts and posturing all the while they've been working out becoming leaner and meaner, spending time at the range, making allies with other mean dudes, watching the bully for weaknesses.

When either the Bear or the Dragon makes a move it'll be "for keeps".

America would do better to mid their own damn business. Come to allies aid by all means but let's be honest, police states don't have friends - only people they don't control *yet*