Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Eternal Sunshine of the Kwanzan Mind

Did Ivins act alone?

If you think so, Kwanzany, you are beyond all hope and have no business visiting this blog.

1. A Zionist stages an anthrax attack as a false flag, timed to coincide with the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He is part of a publicity campaign beforehand to build up this idea in the public's mind until they begin to think they were the ones who came up with it. He knows in advance they will write letters designed to look like they came from illiterate Islamic radicals.

2. Why was Hatfield targeted initially when there was no evidence of any kind the government should suspect him but a sloppy trail of mistakes leading to rabid Zionist Dr. Ivins?

3. How did fifth column subversive Ivins know when and how the Trade Center attack would happen and who would be blamed for it so he could prepare his anthrax terror months in advance?

4. There are indications Ivins knew Colonel Philip Zack. Why has Zack been allowed to escape to Israel if there is evidence he was in collusion with Ivins?

So the government freely admits what all the "paranoid conspiracy nuts" have been claiming for seven years. What happened on 9-11-2001 was a false flag attack orchestrated by Zionists and designed to look like it was "terrorists" from the Middle East.

Score: Kwanzanians, 0, "Paranoid Nutters", 10


CadorBolin said...

It was jews/zionists that orchestrated 9/11. I believe that in order for a conspiracy to be successful that as few people as possible be involved. The more people there are, the greater the likelihood that someone will say something wrong.

The hijackers, obviously from Saudi Arabia were true believers who were probably recruited by a single agent. He probably reported to the 9/11 organizer who had inside connections to the US security apparatus to ensure that the hijackers would not be caught by the usual law enforcement agencies.

The 9/11 organizer also probably had enough connections to be able to ground the air force while 9/11 happened. Bush and his inner-inner-circle would be on it as well, but would be spared of the details.

This Ivins guy was an agent out of a network (who knows how many) to do his small part to abide by the old Mossad idiom: "By way of deception, we shall wage war".

The only thing that makes the 9/11 conspiracy confusing for me is the so-called controlled demolitions of the WTC and building 7. I am not a demolitions expert by any means, but to plant explosives in advance would involve more people than necessary in the conspiracy. While it's true that those who would plant the explosives don't have to know what they're placing there, the 9/11 truthers assert that Silverstein, Giuliani and a host of others were involved.

I am agnostic about the controlled demolition theories. The reason is--why would it matter if those buildings were brought down by the impact and jet fuel of the planes or not? 9/11 would have still been a very dramatic event and zionist mind-"fark" to get the kwanzanian sheeples in line for a more rabidly pro-Israel foreign policy.

My biggest problem with the 9/11 truth movement (and the film Loose Change) is that they are absolutely scared shitless of naming the jew and they always talk about "fascism" and "nazism" (always safe targets), while in reality, we live under a worldwide ZOG dictatorship. That is why I don't believe most of what Alex Jones has to say -- he is a controlled opposition stooge, either by design on his part or by circumstance because of the current hostile situation (fear of accusations of "anti-semitism"). I can sympathize if this is the latter, but there are far too many "Nazis" in his world that don't really exist in the real one.

Anonymous said...

So the bloke has access to the deadliest diseases in the world and choose to off himself with fucking TYLENOL! FFS!

Anonymous said...

"I guess they sat on these people long enough that they broke them. It is hard to believe it is almost over."

Well, sure. If you lean hard enough on someone, learn their pressure points, you can get anyone to do anything, really. The story on Ivins is still pretty incredible. As in, are we really expected to believe this?!?

Cadorbolin, you need some 9/11 truth. The USAF did exactly everything it was capable of that day. Do people really expect agencies of hidebound bureaucrats to be effective in facing an unprecedented attack? You don't go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people, and won't often lose betting on government incompetence.