Sunday, August 31, 2008

Declining Societies Lose The Ability To Solve Their Problems

Think about all the words that have been written about the ineffectiveness of preparations for Katrina and remember that America has had four years to address these problems.

Like women, no end of discussion. Unfortunately, nothing ever seems to get done.

It was like this with the Roman road system. For the last 200 years of Rome's existence, they discussed, planned, plotted and analyzed how best to repair their roads. Vast bureaucracies were formed to study the problems, fortunes in tax revenues from the public coffers spent on conferences of the best minds to decide how to do it swiftly and efficiently.

They never did a single thing to their roads. Not so much as a handful of pitch. Archaeologists say all final attempts to remedy them were by the people who lived in front of them, usually a patch over a pothole with a bucket of mud and some straw. Just holding it together for a few more weeks.

Oil shutting down production in the Gulf in preparation for hurricane swarm.

Gustav, Hanna ... more ... a hurricane generator?


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I'm not sure if this article was posted here or not, but it's similar to what you were talking about:

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If there's one thing you can say about the McCain/Palin ticket, it's that it's helping to bring the worst out of the Democrats:

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