Monday, August 4, 2008

Cuban Crisis II : No Miracle Zero Hour Solution This Time Around!

Think this is a joke or just posturing?

Putin is putting his hand up in front the draft-dodging chicken hawk neocon irregulars. This is a game for big boys. Not a bunch of metrosexual multicultural daft poseurs. You don't go tossing around threats like that without accountability. Telling Russia you're installing an anti-missile system on their borders with or without their consent is tantamount to a declaration of war.

The 'Kwa has screwed with the wrong bunch of people this time around. These ain't a bunch of towelheads on goatback in the middle of the desert with arms current up to 1945. This is the real thing. Krazy Kwanians are poking the bear cage. Russia is going to unzip them if they keep it up.

If you'll look at it from Russia's point of view, the 'Kwa has given them no choice. The essence of 'Kwanzan political strategy could be described as identical to the exact same boom-bust cycle of the Jewish people for the past 2000 years. Push with ever-increasing hubris until you get pushed back much harder than you were expecting. The 'Kwa is showing the exact same kind of mania that is expected from self-destructive, narcissistic personalities. Keep agitating in stark disbelief that nobody has knocked you down yet.

The 'Kwa wants subconsciously for somebody to stop them. They are daring the world to kick their ass. Pretty soon, the world is going to oblige them.

Those of you who have been reading Vault-Co know this constitutes a big, big hit for us. We described this entire reaction to the BMD program nearly 6 years ago. We were astonishingly accurate on this particular subject.

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Anonymous said...

Yes this is serious for the Kwa.

Thanks for having the balls to post predictions you have made in the past. Great reading.

Good luck.