Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cold War Ends With Unconditional Russian Victory

The U.S. lost. Russia took home all the marbles. They are holding all the cards.

Poor 'Kwans are a condemned race of hopeless nitwits

Amerikwa is tanking. They're doomed.

Russia is out of the pretend force called NATO

The "half the globe" they speak of is anybody affiliated with the nutty 'Kwa

The U.S. was humiliated worldwide by the Russian conquest of Georgia it helped foment

Now what you need to ask of yourself is this question, the very same question that we have been repeating on Vault-Co for almost ten years.

Will the U.S. slip quietly into oblivion?

Or are they looking for a big ragnarok with cobalt tips a'poppin?

Vault-Co says the latter.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Russia ever was a member of NATO. They sent a representative to NATO to keep the lines of communication open. I don't think Russia was a member though.

Anonymous said...

Also, you had said in an earlier comment on one of your posts that you can buy any gun you want to in Russia. The sources I've read tell me that there you have to apply for a permit in Russia and handguns are not permitted under most circumstances.

Texas Arcane said...

I've heard it is common for the average Russian's home to be filled with automatic weapons of all makes and ammo, including military grade assault rifles and even grenades. That's from someone who visited there recently.