Saturday, August 2, 2008

Both Sides Of The Equator Freezing To Death In "Summer"

Tasmania cold and snowed in.

Once again, high altitude regions in Peru are rapidly proving to be uninhabitable because of the changes in temperature. Agriculture is becoming impossible in parts of South America because you can't grow anything when it's winter all year round.

Resource wars are coming. Soon it won't be over fuel to power cars, it will be desperate terror at being unable to heat a nation amidst mindnumbing, horrid, acridly bitter cold. It will be fight or die for the Western nations.


Anonymous said...

We could use some cooler weather:


Anonymous said...

Tex - What's your opinion of NZ?

I'm planning on fleeing their looking for lower population, plentiful water, isolation (tyranny of distance), abundant sea life, cheaper (but not affordable) housing (but crashing NOW), not a nuclear target, no regional enemies, stable government and sane gun laws.

CadorBolin said...

Where I live, temperatures are 5% lower (overall) compared to last year. This has caused agricultural production to decrease along with it.

The upside of all of these resource conflicts is that it's going to throw a big monkey wrench into the globalists' plans for racemixing and one world-ism.