Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Amerikwa Always Has The Best Fake Opposition That Money Can Buy

Jerry Rubin was pushed to the front as a clown to discredit the anti-war movement because senior officials were worried the ideas were becoming too mainstream.

The same things are happening right now with 9-11. Notice the media only allows airtime to guys who also claim we never landed on the moon and Nazis did.

It doesn't actually take all that much brains to play this good cop/bad cop game. I'm sure if you'll think carefully you will remember someone in your workplace who has done this almost unconsciously in tandem with another person in order to get their agenda accepted. Governments only do it on a broader scale.

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Anonymous said...

Space nazis are becoming popular. There exists a short about how senior nazis escaped after WWII. They never went to Argentina, as the following article would have us believe:

They went to the moon instead. They knew in advance Wiesenthal would otherwise hunt them forever. Wiesenthal stopped only because he found out they were gone. Now they hunt Wiesenthal. They use UFOs and maybe A-bombs. It's going to be messy. Remember, if a nuclear war starts, it's most likely the nazis who started it.