Thursday, August 28, 2008

98Lite = Megacheap Embedded Windows!

I've been playing with this product for several hours. I tried reducing my Windows 98 to just 12 megabytes of sleek OS, then turned off Virtual Memory altogether after adding some more SDRAM to my embedded system. It worked like a charm. 90% of the fluff of Windows is gone, the ceaseless RAM spooling is gone and I replaced massive resources hogs like Adobe Reader with this lean PDF-reading machine. I gave it a scratch area on the Disk-On-Chip for file compression operations.

Now I am trying once again to get the runtime for .NET working at a decent speed. If I can cram all of this plus Firebird database into a 128 mb flash disk for the initial boot I will have a nigh perfect version of Windows OS with the reliability that Bill Gates forgot. This means I will be able to develop on my good machine in C# and port the executable onto the flash ram for testing.


Anonymous said...

Russia just test fired a Topol, and you're screwing around with Windoze.

Texas Arcane said...

Wait until I have it running my ventilation system, security, permaculture lab, power management and communications, you will see the usefulness of my system in a longterm shelter stay.

This isn't meant to be an information management system as much as a real world controller.

mariuz said...

maybe you should try mono on windows
and i think you can cut from there
much better because it's open source

also you can try to create the application native with delphi/lazarus

Heck for me pentium 1 @233 was an great machine :) and i programmed a lot in delphi/firebird/interbase at that time

if you feel the urge to join the dark side then you can start with an embeeded linux and add wine
and it should work without problems

Ralph said...

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