Thursday, August 28, 2008

28 Days Later / Rabid Horde Watch

The experiments detailed in the first part are honestly the scariest kinds of research I can imagine. It only takes a little development for it to have military applications and possibly escape the lab and infect humans.

I have read about many different kinds of bioweapons that attack the inhibition centers of the brain designed to turn your enemy into a raving mob of lunatics killing everything in sight. It is not too big a stretch to foresee these kinds of deployments in a war between Russia, China and the United States.


Anonymous said...


You are a true chode if this is how low you have to stoop to find stories for your website!

Texas Arcane said...

We link to tongue-in-cheek sites all the time. A couple months back we linked to the same page when they published an article on how a zombie epidemic could really happen.

See, here at Vault-Co it's more about what is being said rather than who is saying it. Because you're only a passing troll you don't realize it is actually you who is a little too literalminded for this blog. Keep moving.

Solsys said...

It reminds me of a german scientist during WW2 who would still receive US magazines like "Amazing stories" through Sweden, because it inspired him.

Anonymous said...

This story is a bit old, so it seems that the media hasn't really been talking about it. I wonder what Nexia is up to nowadays.

But still, with all this genetic engineering, it seems like it could be an interesting world, particularly if the Apocalyptic Trifecta. It would be like in a Final Fantasy game, a world with isolated outposts of civilization separated by vast expanses of wilderness crawling with dangerous creatures. That would be worth building a vault for, maybe; just make sure to bring a gun and some bullets.

Keep up the interesting posts!