Friday, July 11, 2008

ZOGBux Total Meltdown Approaches

Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae insolvent, concedes U.S. government.

Science fiction headlines. Sounds like Vault-Co circa 2004 on crack.

Oil's a tad pricey. Interruption in cappuccino service on the veranda foreseen by some 'Kwans.

Amerikwan government makes bank nationalization sound like a slight change in the rules that govern flag folding at official ceremonies. Funny that, I thought that is what happens during economic collapses, the government has to step in and try to float the wrecked financial sector with even more sodden funny munny bouncin' paper.

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Rzero said...

Yeah lately the news has been almost pornographic to us doomers.

But lets not gloat. Being right in our case means we can expect some serious hard times.

Stock up and dig in!