Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is not a test.

Next Year Will Be Ten Times Worse Than Anything Seen So Far

Mother of All Bears Approaching

Commercial bankruptcies rival start of the Great Depression ... only beginning!

Retail dominos collapsing across the 'Kwa

Food Prices Set To Go Through The Roof - Pack it Now!

I just got an email from an old Army buddy. He was laid off with around 4000+ other people last weekend when his private sector contract company burst like a bubble. Apparently they just woke up and realized there had been nothing but profits on paper for the past three years and they had no money left in the bank. A lot of their construction contracts had recently been canceled so my friend was so much dross to be jettisoned. My friend says there are a couple thousand people applying for vacancies even as janitors in his region.

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