Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vault OS V0.1 : 16 Bit Real Mode GUI, IPX + TCP-IP

It isn't much to look at yet. This is built on top of the OpenGEM 5 distribution. I've got vector based image maps working, serial I2C access, crude IPX and TCP-IP support, a flat file database system, distributed data storage at any registered device, a very crude HTML browser working with no forms support. I modified the calendar, clock and calculator to run as customized desktop processes at startup. I am trying to get the 16 bit Metabase database compiled in (the ANSI C database) but it is slow going.

The screen driver can support 320x200 monochrome right up to 800x600 256 colors. It runs a modular system using packages in GEM so it can scale right down to an x86 device running on 200K or less if required by dropping packages from the distribution.
I believe this will be something amazing if I keep working on it.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to make a ram folder in win xp? You're probably using ram as well, since it's more reliable. But I don't want a ram drive or memory stick or anything like. I want a folder.

Texas Arcane said...

To boot up, you mean?

Of course, it wouldn't be very useful if it can't be booted from any storage medium, be it a hard drive, a folder or a USB stick.

So if you are asking it it possible to simply boot the OS from an exe or com file located somewhere in a simple folder if necessary, I think that it should be as easy that as well. That's why I don't like QNX for a platform now because you end up losing the ability to make use of so many useful DOS programs to shell out to.

Anonymous said...

About freeking time you showed us *something*!