Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vault OS Update 24-7-2008 : X11 Video Driver

I got a Sensoray X11 video capture board off Ebay with DOS drivers at the start of this week for $10.00 USD, two camera inputs. The link to the information page for the model I got is in the header above.

I wrote a program using this driver about 12 years ago in Sydney for a client who wanted to watch his parking lots after hours. It was one of the easiest applications I have ever written. I finished it and deployed it in only a week and it was a fixed price project for what was considered a 4 week job.

The reason I wanted to write the drivers for this first to run a security cam application in a VOS window in Breadbox Ensemble is that the X11 DOS drivers are the closest thing the industry had to a standard X86 interrupt driver for security cams. The driver standard includes scaling of images on the fly for inclusion into window panes and some other frills that could come in handy for Vault Dwellers with multiple video feeds. There are several hundred different systems compatible with the X11 drivers so it should not be that hard to locate one of them to use in combination with Vault OS.
The best way to use this board is to put a splitter box on the incoming signal to send one line to the Vault OS box that will be the "video" service on IPX/Ethernet and the other straight to cheap analog monitors. You will then be able to watch the video services from any terminal rather than having to be in front of the monitors all the time. This may also expedite video chat links between different terminals in the Vault, although I confess delivery of the audio stream in real-time escapes me at the moment, I'm not quite sure how to go about that. Maybe if I get this running I will think of something for the audio.


Anonymous said...

...and just like that, it's back to computer gibberish and I don't know if you're still making progress or are in the process of discovering another gadget that will give you cause to dash your entire progress to-date and start on a new track...

I'm so confused.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Texas Arcane said...

How about this.

You will be able to see security cameras in Vault OS onscreen.

I am using a standard for reading these cameras that is so widespread it should be economically feasible for anybody to afford the cameras and the board to read them.

Anonymous said...


Now was that so hard to say?


(A Thousand Good Intentions)