Tuesday, July 22, 2008

U.K. Is A Used Nappy Excuse For A Country

I don't want you to believe I am a secret enthusiast of the Nazis.

I consider it a fun mental experiment to imagine what Britain would be like if the Nazis had won.

I reckon it would be a better place to live than it is now. You can say I'm terrible for thinking that, except I believe it is true. I honestly think there was more respect for individual rights under the Nazi regime than there is today by the governments of Europe. It's a sad witness to the endless cycle of decay that afflicts all civilizations. What was vilified only a few years ago as inhuman and treasonous to Western values is standard operating policy for the governments of Europe today. I think more than anything else it testifies to the essentially confused condition of both the people who serve in the government and the citizens who pay their wages. Taken as a whole, they are all a bit addlebrained.


Anonymous said...

Agree with the hypothesis, if the nazis would have won, we'd probably have an honest money supply, free of any usurers artificial inflation. The productive worker would be able to afford a few of the luxuries in life, while non producers such as actors, pro athletes, commodity brokers, might have to make due with a more modest lifestyle. Perhaps the productive among us would actually be better off than the non producers.

If you get a chance to watch "Triumph of the Will", there is a section where men with shovels are lining up in military ceremony style, presenting their implements as if they were rifles. Essentially the manual labor class was respected as much as if not more than the artists or the writers were. And the laborer was not ashamed of his position in society. Where as in the US as well as prbably the UK, todays government officials look down on the American labor class. Bush, having never done a days worth of work in his life, sneers at American worker and thinks were not willing to do the work that mexicans do.
I could go on and on about this but to keep it short, I do wish the Nazis would have won the struggle.


Anonymous said...

"I do wish the Nazis would have won the struggle."

Being from a country that has suffered 5 years under nazi oppression I can only say this:

Go fuck yourself.


Anonymous said...

"Being from a country that has suffered 5 years under nazi oppression..."

What country is that? And did you live under the "nazi oppression", or do you just hear stories about it? Even if you did live under it, have you lived under other *military* occupations? It's important to be able to compare things, before judging them. Is it nice for the Iraqis to live under U.S. occupation? What's the body count? 1 000 000? Will that be enough for the Jews and their henchmen, what with all the depleted uranium and stuff that they're sowing there? What, in contrast, was the body count in your "nazi oppressed" country? And do you think the nazis actually wanted to conquer the Western Europe, and would have kept occupying it even after the end of the war, and would eventually have turned Europe into one big Nazi Germany with perpetual martial law (if they had won)? If you do, you're an utter fool. And is it nice for the pill-powered human shells that some call Americans to live under the Bolshevik regime of the USA? And regardless of whether something is nice or not, there are other, more important things in the world to strive towards, and this is what the "nazis" were trying to do. I think that even the Soviet Union preserved the culture of its occupied countries better than the "Western democratic" bolshevization has.

Texas Arcane said...

Purely objectively, with a strong bias against Nazism because it was primarily about reducing individual freedoms for the "common good," that this guy has very good arguments.

I am sure the Nazis would've established themselves with less brutality than the U.S. is using now on the Iraqi people. I say this because of the way that Hitler tiptoed around the French occupation taking pains to disturb as little as possible. The U.S. exhibits no such restraint right now in what it is doing.

I think when people are ready to admit that the Nazis are starting to look good by comparison, they will really understand just how far past sanity all this sh*t has gone. It's not that the Nazis were good guys, the point is that relatively speaking the West has been destroyed by an occupation force that appears to observe no rules or limits at all.

Anonymous said...


you must be at least 70 years old.


Anonymous said...

In-fucking-credible. The masks have come off indeed. You people make me sick.

225.00 of my countrymen died because the nazi's wanted to FORCE upon them their twisted values.

No I have never lived under military occupation. Neither have you. But because of this I should ignore 60 years of historical evidence in the form of documents, film, eye-witness accounts and military tribunals? Not to mention the FUCKING MASS GRAVES.

I get how you think. The nazi's target the jews. And since the jews are evil NWO Illuminati devils the Nazi's must have been not all that bad. In fact WW2 was just one big piece of propagande, staged to create simpathy for those evil jews.

Give me a fucking break you idiot white supremesist thrash.


(Last reply, I have wasted enough time already on fools)

Anonymous said...


I'll miss your particular brand of sarcasm.

But you remind me an awful lot of those blacks in the U.S. who run around hating white people because of all this 'oppression' they hear about in bedtime stories and read about in books.

Name me five people you knew, or your family knew, who suffered under nazi oppression. Tell me how it has affected your sanitary, protected life growing up in the filters of hindsight provided by the biassed propaganda of the victorious.

My own opinion on this pretty closely reflects TA's, for once. It just pisses me off when people get all big about waving the banner of martyrdom. when 'I've been oppressed, listen to me and have pity' doesn't apply, you run around with 'some people who I was loosely affiliated with, but didn't know personally or have any direct experience with, have been oppressed. Have pity on me and kiss my ass and side with my opinions because I know somebody who knows somebody who claims that they had firsthand experience at being oppressed.'

You're so blinded by that chip on your shoulder that you haven't even considered some very valid points made here. You would probably see the sense in it if we were talking about a different group of people. But you're too busy waving that flag of victimization. You've dropped a few notches, I thought you could be more objective than this. God knows you pull no punches when talking shit about people's religions, all of a sudden you're getting butthurt over people who don't adhere to your grain of beliefs?

(A Thousand Good Intentions)