Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tupperware for Genocide - THIS CASKET'S FOR YOU!

Let's head off your rationalizations :

1. The brand is identified. These are tailor made to store biologically dangerous corpses and they were specifically manufactured for military clients. They're too expensive otherwise to acquire for any other purpose, being custom manufactured for this sole use.

2. That plastic will eventually degrade in sunlight irregardless of it's rating. Those are not being stored there as a convenience for anybody. They are there only temporarily.

3. Many, many people have pointed out that Atlanta is the airport hub of America and it would be expected to store these coffins here for shipment as quickly as possible to anywhere in the country.

U.S. Government Orders Half A Million Cheap Coffins. They're expecting a lot of sheeple to die soon.


Anonymous said...

"irregardless" is not really a word.

"irrespective" and "irregular" are.

The "ir" denotes a negating prefix, and the "less" is another negating suffix, so in essence "irregardless" means "without no regard", instead of the intended "without regard".

"regardless" is the proper singular of "without regard". FWIW and for future reference.

Otherwise great find; I've been following these things (and the subsequent docked jail-rail cars, hundreds, off of Highway 2 in NW Montana in a similar time-frame of development)

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...

Thanks for that help with my grammar. "Irrespective" is a more apt word to convey the same meaning as well. As I get older I've noticed my ability to retrieve the correct word for the context has declined.

andyboots37 said...

You've got to love guys who correct other people's grammar while making grammatic errors in the process. There's at least three in his last paragraph.

Some people should stick to using semi-colons for things like this.

andyb ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Whatever, Andy. It seems like it is you who cannot tell the difference between a sentence and a paragraph (mine being a sentence, not a paragraph).

And yes, I omitted a period. It happens.

As per the semi-colon, its usage is justified in that instance as it bridges the gap of Texas Arcane's find and my level of attention on the matter (predicate-subject clause bridge). A period could have been used, yes, but stylistically a semi-colon is pertinent for the flow of the thought.

Everyone is fallable. Ir should I spell it "falable" for the pure sake of irony?

Julie said...

Should that be "grammatic" or "grammatical"?

Texas Arcane said...

Fellows, please, it's okay.

I am genuinely grateful for an opportunity to improve my grammar. I think the recommendation was quite apt. "Irrespective" was a better word there and "irregardless" continues to be a marginal pseudo-word.

Anonymous said...

So... did anyone else notice that these aren't coffins? that they are burial vaults?

Yea... just a cheap box to put the coffin inside of. Cheaper than the typical concrete block, some asshole bought them with the huge burial funding for the war and is pocketing the remainder of what he would have spent on a higher-quality solution.

Do you really think those flimsy little lids will hold four feet of dirt over them as a standalone coffin? Please...

I don't see anything more sinister here than more government misappropriations of funds. Buying more than they'll ever need, choosing worse quality than their soldiers deserve, and then leaving it all to rot in a field anyways.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Texas Arcane said...

Very possible explanation. Using the glut of funding available for the war, someone spent a huge sum on a boondoggle and pocketed half the money by fudging the bill. This would explain why all these are rotting out there in the sun.