Friday, July 18, 2008

Team Diversity Enrichment Proceeds Apace

The Added Value Of Chimpmanzees Imported Directly Into Your Living Space

When Free Range 'Groids Act Natchurel and Whathaveyou&whatnot (see video link)

It was fun when they are kept a minimum of 100 miles away and you only see'em on television splitting the atom and performing miracle brain surgery on the Pope and defeating the aliens by using their vast intellectual gifts. When they actually start to turn up living and breathing in your environment, not so good itz. The day the laughter stopped at the Valleyfair. I wonder if the guy was thinking "These fellas are not much like Will Smith at all" when they were sinking their steel-toed boots into his cranium. Enrichmentation, itz.

This is how they act when times are still good. Imagine what these critters do when things take a turn for the worse. Well, as a matter of fact, the first link in the header tells us just that.

I'm only funning'ya by making this out to be anything. Something like this has happened in the 'Kwa for the past fifty years every day. It's just now that sometimes you hear about it, where before with one monolithic media monopoly you were never permitted to hear a word of it.

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