Saturday, July 12, 2008

SSRC : *Solar Hibernation* Has Begun

Director John Casey declares the obvious in this press release.

1. It's a new Ice Age. At a minimum, this cycle will last 206 years.

2. The last Little Ice Age in the 1400's we had a billion mouths to feed and a quarter of them died from hunger. This time we have eight billion mouths to feed and agriculture is set up for socialized subsidized corporate profit, not efficiency or economy.

3. If you're not panicking yet it's because you don't understand what is happening.

The Sun has decided after 2012 it's going to be taking a little nap.

Pack it, becuz itz coming.


Anonymous said...

It's high summer here in England. Days are getting shorter now and in my locale we've yet to see 25 degrees this year. It's cold today and I've got woolies on... indoors. Meanwhile the guy on the television device says I'm gonna die because of global warming.

Anonymous said...

And this is a problem....HOW? Look Billions of mouths to feed ona planet that during adverse weather times can comfortably support 1 billion. Look at it this way we are about to get rid of billions of people who are already so stupid they couldnt feed themselves if someone didnt give them the food and facilities to cook the food. Just one big giant Darwin award. Aint life grand. I wouldnt miss this shit for the world!!!!

Anonymous said...


Ever considered the thought that YOU are the one who will starve? Or your family and friends? Or you get killed by a hungry neighbour over a tin of beans?