Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Secret Emergency Meeting House of Representatives

The news is slowly leaking out. Insiders have been slipping information out to the press for three months. Vault-Co first heard this in March in a private email from a contact who works in Washington, D.C. and we didn't know what to make of it. We have been waiting to see confirmation in other places before posting it up here because at the time it was the weirdest insider info we have ever received.

The House of Representatives held a secret emergency meeting in extraordinary circumstances behind closed doors on March 13th, 2008 to tell politicians the truth.

The United States of 'Kwa is finished. It is about to completely collapse into martial law and a likely civil war. Preparations for indefinite detentions of U.S. citizens considered to be possible security threats to the coming North American Union and the imposition of the Amero are complete.

As I understand it, politicians were given two options during this meeting.

1. They were told they can go along to get along.
2. They were told they can expect to go into camps themselves if they don't go along.

Some key personnel were told of extensive new secure facilities they may be able to bring their families to if civil unrest poses a danger to their relatives or themselves as retaliation attacks. Apparently the shadow government has been working on an underground defense system for seven years to keep it's own members safe from harm during the coming "adjustment" that will end with the dissolution of U.S. sovereignty into a new amalgamated region like that of the European Union.

What additional evidence do I have to support this claim?

Well, here's a little something

Here's a little more

This is a big dot

This false propaganda is now appearing worldwide against Iran

Iran is monitored by the IAEA right down to the chrome finish on their toilet seats. They report no such evidence, rather to the contrary.

Provocation exercises scheduled immediately for Iran

One Gulf of Tonkin coming right up.

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Alex Supertramp said...

This is a curious incident. Doesn't seem to be without precedent that the House has a secret session. It only seems to have lasted an hour. On the one hand I think that's not much time to tell all 431 members all this stuff, but then on the other hand it doesn't seem anywhere near long enough to properly debate the alleged topic. And when i read the transcript linked below some of the members certainly do seem to think that there is going to be more to the secret session than they are being told for the record. It would be interesting to monitor the behaviour of those 431 people in attendance in subsequent months to see if there has been any bugging out type behaviour.

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