Monday, July 7, 2008

Ragnarok is Back!

Awesome site back on line.

Those of you familiar with Rzero's former site will know it's a great place to get a continuous doomer feed at any hour.


andyboots37 said...

Scripture proves nothing? (Funny, by saying that he actually proves it does). There is no illuminati or NWO? (Bush Sr. Coining the phrase at the UN on Sept. 11/91? Happenstance I'm sure). There's no war against Christianity? (Gay marriage, pluralism, world religion?) No such things as chemtrails? (Are you wearing a neckbrace? Look up man.)

Awesome site???????????????????



Anonymous said...


Updates will be in the morning and evening, CET. During the day I got to work and there's no internet. Sigh.


Texas Arcane said...

It's fantastic for news links. For a while I started checking Rzero's site every day to see if I missed something.

Rzero is eventually coming around. Denial is a form of tacit acceptance these things are in the back of his mind.

See, even I don't believe in chemtrails.

Rzero said...

The world doesnt need a NWO to destroy itself. Yes 911 was an inside job, by the americans, not Bilderberg.

Gay marriage doesnt attack christianity, it attacks basic biology and rules of decency.

Chemtrails are nonsense, fall in the category if Niburu and the Reptillians.

Not every doomer wears a tinfoil hat. If you dont like that then I suggest you go visit Worldnet Daily or Prisonplanet.


andyboots37 said...

Gotta love Alex Jones. He substantiates everything he says.

Where do the "rules of decency" come from? What's the standard?

Beastiality would qualify as decent by some. That is, if there is no standard, i.e., the Bible.

Are huge X's in the sky normal? Are the ATC people stoned? You'd have to be to have regular flight patterns intersecting that closely. That is, if it's not intientional. Why does it take an entire day for a contrail to dissipate?

We all fall short but God's gift of eternal life is in His Son, Jesus:)))

God loves you man:)
Jesus died for you:)
He rose so you could have eternal respite from this savage world.



Anonymous said...

How nice of jesus :)

Sorry, I just cant see why I should worship the alleged son of an egyptian slave-god. No offense intended.

What I consider "rules of decency" is a combination of christian, euro-pagan, greco-roman values that makes up the moral code of current society. Yes I said christian. Just because it has a few good ideas doesnt make it the One True Religion though.

Enough of the religious talk. You have your way, I have mine and lets leave it at that. Theist/atheist discussions tend to get rather ugly.

We can have a theological discussion after the fall out dissipates.


andyboots37 said...

Fair enough:)