Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nuclear War Side Effects

Most people don't know what all these effects are and you never hear them consolidated in any description. It is almost as if the total picture eludes the average mind, sort of like the elephant and the six blind men we spoke of before.

At the outset of a nuclear war, the enemy will detonate a high altitude nuke over your nation designed to maximize electromagnetic pulse as it's yield. This sends everybody underneath it back to the 17th century for anything connected to the grid. That's actually before any nukes arrive intended to do harm with blast or fallout effects. Any talk of "limited" nuclear war has to take into account that there may be no central government or communications left to decide where the limits are - leaving regional commanders to fire everything they have in response.

So right at the beginning, you have TEOTWAWKI. This is before the actual war even starts.

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