Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is Train Wreck Nation Getting Ready To Attack Pakistan?

Eric Margolis thinks they are. He compares it with the bitter, sour grapes bombing of Cambodia once it became obvious the U.S. had lost in Vietnam.

Amerikwa is getting pretty ugly in her old age. Will somebody do the merciful thing and push this horrible old crone over the stairs in her wheelchair? Stop her before she kills again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. A very interesting read indeed.

Anonymous said...

According to Robert McNamara, the intention never was to win in Vietnam. Louis Beam, who was there, seems to think so as well:

The Viet Cong shot at us “pretty regular” and we shot back at them most of the time too. You know, except when we were in “no fire zones,” “restricted fire zones,” or “you will go to jail zones if you shoot here.” It was very hard to tell the difference as they shot and killed us from all those zones and it troubled a lot of us that we had to ask permission to fire back even when we were receiving fire. It was a difficult way to fight a war and still try to win it. It had thus occurred to me over the years after I came home that maybe the politicians in Washington ... had never really wanted to win. Then, after former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara said twenty-five years later on live television that “We never intended to win in Viet Nam,” I knew that it was true.

Revilo Oliver knew it in 1968:

"Every day, more and more of our young men are shipped to Vietnam and forced to fight under conditions carefully contrived to ensure the maximum loss of American life and to ensure eventual defeat."