Thursday, July 17, 2008

Global Warmthink : The Kult Is Shattered

The premise has gone from "incontrovertible" to completely unscientific gibberish in one year.

Let this be a lesson to you. Mankind is mostly stupid. Astoundingly stupid, pliant and conformist. The ones who pretend to be nonconformist are mostly the hardest of hardcore conformists to some peculiar regime.

You could go from cradle to grave and never meet anybody who can honestly think for themselves, irregardless of what the other seven billion believe. Most of the human race is faking it twenty four hours a day. They are a type of grazing herd monkey that mimics the popular notion of what a human is ... not very well, I might add. They don't want to be shut out of the competition for mates and food so they nod their heads at the appropriate times. Pretending to be a nonconformist is usually a simple biological gimmick they act out to try to distinguish themselves from the other chimps. When people actually encounter the genuine article (like me) they go bugeyed, scream at the top of their lungs and try to dig a foxhole to hide in mentally using their fingernails.

Particularly in the modern era, man is an actor. Some people have roles as doctors or lawyers or the President of the United States. It's all theatrical imitation like you see in circuses, where they train the apes to ride little tricycles and smoke a cigar.

I agree with Richard Feinman, who once laid out the arguments for why you should be no respecter of persons. There are no "experts," just specialists - and they are often too specialized to come to conclusions about anything outside their specialty.

Globo-Warmthink was not just a religion. It was a lousy failed inferior religion for halfwits. It didn't get off the ground and has fallen by the wayside. It didn't have enough merits to be worth preserving outside the narrow band of sociopaths who stood to profit from it.

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