Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fukiyama's "The End of History"

Oh, it's the end of history, alright. Western history, anyway.

Britain plans to spend £3bn on new nuclear warheads

Russian missile cruiser begins patrols around Spitsbergen

Putin wants closer military ties with Venezuela

The John Birch Society got it right - South America Would Fall To Communists and be used as a Russian base to strike at the U.S. using internal subversives first and then Latin American armies to put boots on the ground after the war began. The Birch Society said America would be tricked into giving up the Panama Canal to the Reds.

Boy did this sound crazy in 1955. Impossible. Science fiction. Never happen.

Hugo Chavez has called for a strategic alliance with Russia to protect Venezuela from the US.

Will Russian Bombers Haunt U.S. Borders?

Russia and China Now Buddies in The Coming Energy War - Guess Who Is The Enemy?

Stuffed Shirt Squawks About Russian Bombers Using Cuba As Airbase

We're ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! - Part 1


Remember when Vault-Co said in 2003 that World War III Would Be Subs + Cruise Missiles?

Just to make sure nobody is left out of WW3, here's ...

Pakistan warns U.S. it's nuclear sales to India mean itz coming

... and even the media is starting to figure it out.

Will Survivalists Have The Last Laugh On Everyone?

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