Thursday, July 24, 2008

Federal Government Emergency Stocking Shelters?

Remember Vault-Co first spoke of this more than a year ago, when we reported the Federal Government was intercepting shipping containers on the docks as they arrived from New Zealand to confiscate canned butter.

Remember, there are no shelters for you. Of any kind. (Unless you're a Vault-Co player.)

Wherever they are caching this food, you can be sure it is someplace you will not be admitted to when the time comes. I would be willing to bet it is underground, probably with it's own rail system and even movie theaters and barbershops. I would bet you anything that in terms of their own safety, the U.S. government has been working on subterranean architecture for the past fifty years without a pause in the action. Long after your civil defense program was canceled "for lack of funds," the Feds were using atomic tunnelers to cut cities into rock where no man had ever gone before. Just the ones that people know about speak of a secret government with resources and funds that can scarcely be imagined. Some believe the facility under Denver Airport may be connected by underground rail to both coasts.

The U.S. Feds have literally bought out a half dozen suppliers for #10 cans and other freeze dried foods all across the planet. I've seen anecdotes from the guys who run these places scattered over a dozen forums all over the world. The Fed paid the going rate but it was still a seizure. Imagine what is going on behind the scenes that they are tracking shipments from overseas containing long term storage food so they can nab it on the piers when it is offloaded? That besmacks frantic desperation.

Typical government operation. All that construction and the guy who was supposed to stock the pantry must've spent the money on catered lunches and exploratory travel instead. It looks like now they are in one helluva hurry to put food into their own little personal refuges. That must be because itz coming.


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confident and paranoid said...

Sometimes I worry that I've bought too much rice, then I read articles like this and think I may have not bought enough. Gotta think of the neighbours.

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C&P - "gotta think of the neighbours" - that's why you buy flour and salt so they can eat damper. Also buy ammo for when the flour runs out and the neighbours stop being nice and "asking" for food and start demanding.