Friday, July 11, 2008

Fantasy Doomers

Pretty good.

50% of the people who think they are survivalists are just an expression of the problem itself. We would have never found ourselves in the mess we have now unless they were just a reflection of the overall decline of our culture. It's important to know that such people cannot offer solutions because they are the problem.

Neurotic, hebephrenic, aphasic ... it's like a caricature of the fruit of this generation. Blame it on the water or the environment but these kids just ain't made of the same robust stuff as our parents. They're flimsy, self-indulgent, mentally frail, incapable of ever handling much reality at all. Everything has to be a kind of indirection or there is no talking about it at all. The most natural conclusions are to be discouraged, there is always a kind of overanalysis to avoid the Apocalypse becoming an actual inconvenience. It's hard for them imagine something in the world making them feel uncomfortable or inadequate. They are really a kind of critter that can't be dragged out of the womb mentally. They won't have it.

For this reason, I esteem most to be absolutely doomed. No wonder they are averse to any serious consideration of the topic. Maybe they sense this at some level.

I've said it before.

What's coming ain't no Foxfire, basket weaving tie-dye cotton hemp fabric singalong with Care Bears and Eco-conscious unicorns and smurfs.

It's bitter, acrid, scary, terrifying and primeval. It glows at night and makes strange noises in the darkness so obscure you never do figure out what they are. Most days you will be very lucky to know where your hip pockets are and have a plan to see the following morning. The only real security in that world will come from a Vault of some form or another. You will discover then what I know now - during really hard times, it's impossible to sit down and think your way through things before you first have the option of locking a good strong door behind you. Then you can pull up with a cup of tea and work things out so it doesn't feel like madness. Anything else, you'll always be running and quaking with fear until you die, which won't take long in the world that is coming.


Anonymous said...

Yes this kind are the dominating force at Oz-Survive too stupid to know they are stupid

Solsys said...

Vault-co, because you thought differently than others, I guess you were accustomed to more hardship than others, and thus you see the benefit of having suffered that.

I too have been at a young age so different from others I couldn’t possibly integrate in their society. I would have if I had a chance, and tried repeatedly in my lifetime. Out of this, I grew a habit of hardship, translating into survivalism.

People won’t voluntarily harden up, unless they got that aggressive mindset that makes them take beating in dojos or look forward to risky and painful experience.

Most people will never be survivalists. But never forget that they have sexual organs, and that’s just how the species managed to survive all its ordeals so far. Morons will outbreed you, just like they have always done (I suspect the movie Idiocracy is applicable to a lot of periods in human history).

Mole said...

Yup, thats Ozsurvive alright, they are so clueless. Recruited rejects, pretenders, statists and coppers.
Behind closed doors they're obsessed with internet boogey men, empire building and, of course, being nice to everyone.