Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A False Flag Starts Every World War

The 'Kwa goes to a "heightened alert" state.

I think I know why.

The stock market hasn't even moved yet. It's about to, though - it's going to plunge 2000 points one day, 3000 the next, in the very near future. A diversion will be needed. If the 'Kwans realize their government simply liquidated them all into the poorhouse, their outrage will have a focus. They need to come up with a crisis and a corresponding excuse very soon.

How do you do that after your coming economic collapse, John? Use a newspaper on their nose when they stray, a doggy treat when they obey? I'd like to see that on a budget of zero.

No, Johnny, very soon the 'Kwa will only have one asset left they will be able to deploy to induce anyone anywhere to do anything ... and that is nuclear weapons.

I want Obama to be elected because I have 100% confidence he is nothing but Robert Mugabe on a diet. A marxist as hardcore as Barack during a major economic depression will literally be throwing gasoline on a fire. McCain is Bob Dole in pancake makeup, he's the walking dead, it is nearly impossible that he will win at this stage. Amerikwa is more than stupid enough to elect Obama if they were dumb enough to elect George Bush. Even if it was close, Diebold will simply make sure Barack gets enough votes to be confirmed.


Anonymous said...

I believe they have jiggered the stock market to where it can't have a 2000 point fall in a single day; it will take a few days to drop that far. Other than that, yep.


CadorBolin said...

I thought about the prospect of an Obama presidency during an economic collapse--better that the 'liberal' take the blame during the whole mess.

It is evident that whoever wins the election, it will be a kosher-approved candidate. That being said, jews aren't 100% united, there are various factions (a lot of it is infighting over turf) but you can basically split them into 2 groups: leftists (the liberal radicals who push for multiculturalism) and neocons (pragmatists who make deals with the conservative parties so that they'll implement a pro-Israel foreign policy).

That is why after a few years of social radicalism, a jew-approved conservative candidate (false opposition) will be given good press to give a semblance of sanity coming to power from time to time. As bad as Bush has been, the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in favor of _some_ gun rights was made possible because 2 of the judges were appointed by him.

Conservative voters basically vote Republican because it is the lesser of two evils (but evil nonetheless).

Obama will win because that is who the jews want--it is their crowning achievement for promoting multiculturalism. The hardcore neocon faction has been discredited and know that they can't get a third term.

My worry is that with a 'multicultural' President, that this will be too good a propaganda tool for jewish leftists to allow to fail. The rich jews will do everything in their power to prop up the Kwa so that the Obama presidency will be credible.

Anonymous said...


About that "some gun rights," are you sure? It seems like it's not having much effect, for example Heller (the one who sued for the right) was just denied his gun permit because of all the technicalities:

I think the Supreme Court said basically nothing, other than that you could not explicitly prohibit handguns, but it seems like DC can still have impossible paperwork to fill out, but say they aren't explicitly prohibiting handguns.

Of course, to really resist the government, you need to be able to own machineguns and well the Supreme Court isn't going to interpret the 2nd amendment _that far_.

They gave the appearance of a victory for 2nd amendment rights, but it really wasn't a victory, maybe more of a Pyrrhic victory.

Anonymous said...


I've been having dreams over the past Month (which have been waking me up) regarding phrases such as:

"August Fifth" and "Weep for August"

I have no idea what these mean, but if something goes down in August, I'm going to freak out.

Probably some random neural synapses during alpha-pattern REM. But if it turns out to be something more, I'm going to renew my research on Edgar Cayce.

CadorBolin said...


While I would have preferred an outright decision which would have removed a lot of bureaucratic red tape in terms of gun rights, that Supreme Court decision was probably the best possible outcome that could have been expected.

But yeah, the political situation in the US still sucks. Want a President who is not a social radical? Well, he has to be a neocon.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, to really resist the government, you need to be able to own machineguns and well the Supreme Court isn't going to interpret the 2nd amendment _that far_."

Are you serious? You don't need machineguns to resist the government. A well aimed 308 will dispatch a JBT from a decent distance. I can hit a man sized target at 800 yards 148 times out of 150 (over 5 months in all weather conditions)

How about non-violent opposition? (I'm a big fan of these). - Be a slacker, be a sponge, be a public servant and be really atrocious at your job, in the private sector refuse to serve the public sector, abuse government services, ring your senator and make unrealistic (but sound reasonable) demands, treat ALL people in government like they are lepers (they are living off your tax). Remember that the USSR was brought down in large part due to their workforce being slack (why work for commies?) and due to corruption.

The trick is not to do anything *wrong* but by god don't do anything that *helps* them. I read that African slaves used to use their plows backwards and their slave masters thought that they lacked intelligence ;-)

Alex Supertramp said...

I liked the nice touch of having Obama's note from the Wailing Wall 'stolen' then having the contents 'leaked'. Didn't it say something like "Dear God, please help me to love America and my family even more than I do now and to give me guidance on how to confront Satan in Iran."